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IV This forum topic is about GTA IV and appears in the GTA IV Portal.

(Sorry for the double Post) I am trying to play GTA 4 by thinking Niko is undercover working in the Criminal underworld to try and get rid of the biggest family in LC, The Peggerinos, and i do the most wanted missions thinking that they are Peggerinos top men, know what I mean, problem is though is that i dont know a good Undercover outfit, i usually go with the Garbage disposal one (LSD)but dont know a good standing for it (Liberty something Detectives or something like that) so if anyone has a good ideas, post it here, maybe even add to the cop story--Linkmaster420 03:42, 3 August 2009 (UTC)

why dont you wear something like clothes from the russian store. it gives you the image of a deadbeat immigrant from broker not too suspicious or obvious

I always enjoyed using the "Double-Breasted Jacket, Lead w/ Turtleneck and Ash Pants" from Perseus. Reminds me of Steve McQueen in [i]Bullitt[/i], especially when you team it up with either an FIB Buffalo or a dark green Sabre GT. --Clint Eldorado 21:21, September 27, 2009 (UTC)

LSD= Liberty Security Detectives?

I kinda like going for the Perseus Slate Suit (The one with the tie) or Flight Jacket in Black+Jeans.--Hatley

LSD=Liberty Sanitary Departement LOL Bondergomme 02:19, December 14, 2010 (UTC)

Well u can wear Persues Charcoal suit with Floral shirt and pair it with a black super gt. Miami Vice+ James bond type feeling