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I might be thinking of getting GTA 4 for the PC, because I think the graphics were improved, you can make your own Machinima (I belive), and for one little thing, i like free aiming alot , but back to the topic.

I am trying to work for a new Laptop (probably get it for my Birthday coming up) its that new Dell one with the Verizon internet in it (The commercial starts out with the guys singing "Lolipop") i say that because my moms PC has to much stuff on it to cause MAJOR LAG (on San Andreas it lagged so much i couldn't even cheat) so my questions are:

Is it good enough just to cause a little lag? like you dont notice until you look close enough or it doesnt work with a laptop.

Is there a good enough mouse for it? like you can put it on the laptop and it will work fine? or is there a extension you can put on the laptop for it?

Are there Discs with the DLC on in (TLAD TBOGT) that you can buy for it, Ex. The fallout 3 Pitt and Operation Anchorage have discs.

if someone on wiki is a computer whiz and some one can explain the ways to make it run good.your reward is the location of a map that will go through rivers canyons,and desert, in a pyramid, you will find wealth beyond your emagination. and my thanks--Linkmaster420 02:44, 3 August 2009 (UTC)

You'll probably need a dedicated gaming PC to run GTA4 on it. It uses a horrendous amount of resources, with the pretty graphics taking a lot of work to create. I'm running a dual-core 64bit athlon with 2 gigs of RAM and a gig of video card RAM, and it still lags from time to time. I'm running it on near-minimal settings, and have to stop and let the computer cool off from time to time. A laptop probably won't be able to run it. Seriously, check the system requirements on the box. Skorpychan 04:12, 30 August 2009 (UTC)