PLEASE LEAVE THIS MESSAGE, THE FORMAT SAMPLE AND THE QUESTIONS! This is a quiz for Grand Theft Auto. You answer the questions and I will ask.

Format Sample:

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A1: <your answer>

A2: <your answer>

A3: <your answer>

A4: <your answer>

A5: <your answer>

A6: <your answer>

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A8: <your answer>

A9: <your answer>

A10: <your answer>

<your question>


Q1: El Castillo del _____

Q2: What is the first mission in GTA Chinatown Wars?

Q3: In the GTA III Era, what is the city with no known railways?

Q4-Q6: Give the three cities of San Andreas.

Q7-Q10: Give the four boroughs of Liberty City in the GTA IV rendition.