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i didnt like gtasa that much because you need to eat or you die and flying skool boting skool your freinds even force you to go to the GYM! if you get max musle you STILL look fat! the bottom line is: it was a bit TOO realistic to phil: when i say freinds i mean big smoke and sweet why the hell would you want to be a fatass in gta it looks weird and plus what about boating skool and driving skool and over crap like that. you know what? why dont r* give us all a game wer your slow as hell be hassled by your freinds and in the end theres a twist ending: you get a huge heart attack and DIE .

YOU TAKE THAT BACK! Nah, Lol, you're entitled to your thoughts. Russelnorthrop 08:36, July 12, 2011 (UTC)

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