Template:Gta iv forumI need help with the mission "Three Leaf Clover" in GTA IV. After I finished the mission "Waste Not Want Knots," I received the message from Packie McReary about the following mission and I went to Perseus in Algonquin as I was supposed to. Long story short, I came to Packie's house and I got the announcement that states that I must "wear a suit and tie with smart shoes before you meet Packie." I basically need help with buying the proper outfit for the mission because it's getting pretty annoying.


It should work for all suits costing $1000 and shoes at $200. My advice is keep reloading the game and buy another suit and go to packie's mission trigger. Also if you wear glasses the mission won't start. - Hope this helps!


Try the onyx suit and the black wingtip shoes which are both around the back of the store. I used them for the mission so i know they work. I was confused about which shoes were "smart".