Forums Help Desk How do you get rid of a vehicle offline?

I see people complaining often about vehicles disappearing online, but what about offline?  I'm still experiencing the same issue.  I switch characters, go to their designated garage, and the vehicle is gone.  I travel to the vehicle impound, assuming it was impounded for an unknown reason.  Inside are two, random vehicles that I don't recall driving, or if I did, I never parked them in a garage or brought them into LS Customs.

So two things:  One, how do I have my vehicles remain from disappearing?

                 And two, if they're disappearing because the car slots are taken up by random cars in the vehicle impound, how do I get rid of those unwanted cars?  I don't want some random station wagon I drove once to be saving over my Bugatti... Rockstar should've thought of this.