Forums Help Desk How to get infernus in chinatown wars without purchasing it.

how can i get an infernus in chinatown wars without the amazon code, or a visit to the car dealer?

I beleive the amazon code gives you a special bulletproof infernus. An infernus is often found driving arround star junction, but those are normal non-bulletproof vehicles. Also one of the pedestrial side misssion friends(a woman i beleive) will give you her car after you drive her, the car is an infernus. I cant rememeber her name, if you want look at the side missions location of chinatown wars.

The woman's name is Marcy, you find her around Easton I think. Infernuses just driving around are fairly common though, just drive on the freeway for a bit... C-d-rom 16:29, 24 April 2009 (UTC)