Okay. This question is going to sound really out of date, because hardly anyone I know still plays San Andreas other than McJeff. No one I actually know in real life still plays it either. But does anyone have any tips on how to obtain a Tornado. I have completed the game and all gang wars, so there's no chance I'll get one from the Vagos. Does anyone know if you can drive a certain vehicle at a certain destination (at a certain time?) for the Tornado to be found driving around? It would be a massive help if someone could answer. Russelnorthrop 20:49, February 1, 2012 (UTC)

I think that there is no other possible way to spawn it unless using trainers or cheats.If I'm right it can be seen in vigilante or firefighter missions although it's very rare.The Oceanic is far more common in them.If you want you can put on the cheat BIFBUZZ (PC) for gangbangers to appear everywhere, and the Ballas and Vagos will keep spawning there.The Tornado should be spotted although the Hermes may be seen more often.Also, you can use the Territory Glitch which let's you to have gang hoods all over San Andreas.There will be Vagos & Ballas turf.Go to there and wait.
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The Tornado is (one of the)  gang cars used by the Vagos, and I've seen it spawn randomly with the other gang car they use (can't remember which one), though the Tornado spawns a little less often. I've seen it the most in the yellow sections in the northeast corner of Los Santos.