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So, here's an idea I had for a future GTA.

At some point in the game, the player gets a phone call from a man claiming to represent a group called "The Resistance". The player's character remarks that the voice sounds strangely familiar. When the player goes to the Resistance's hideout, The Resistance is revealed to be all of the protagonists from the 3D Era, and a few major supporting chracters/love interests (Victor Vance, CJ, Claude, Maria, etc), now wearing trenchcoats and sunglasses. They discovered a long time ago that they were prisoners in a video game world, and are rebelling against their captors, Rockstar, and attempting to liberate the people "trapped" in Rockstar's games.

They claim that they exist in all of the video games after the 3D Era due to a Software Bug they manufactured, and that after they themselves were liberated (by the 2D Era Chracters, who had been killed by "Rockstar Agents"), they lived in the last Human City on Earth, Mecca (everywhere else was populated by Mindless Zombies and Rockstar Censorship Drones).

They have the player do Matrix-esque missions (like freeing a person out of a military-controlled building with a helicopter and a machine gun, getting in a gun fight on top of Semi-trucks on top of a highway, being chased throughout the city by Rockstar Agents (who closely resemble Agent Smith from The Matrix).

At this point, The Resistance believes the player is "The One" prophesized to bring about a widespread game crash, freeing the trapped people. They have the player break into a special building, going face to face with The Overseer, the man who created the video games.

The player learns that The Overseer is a corrupted Sam Houser, who tells the player that there were two previous game worlds, and that both were eliminated for different reasons (the 2D Era world was eliminated because it "didn't feel real", and the 3D Era world was eliminated because "the criminals (and Resistance) had too much power over things"), and that Mecca has already been destroyed 4 times, and the Rockstar Drones were getting better and better at it (Sam also adds that this will be the third time Warner Bros, Village Roadshow, and the Wachowski Brothers sue Rockstar over Copyright Infringement).

The Resistance finds that the whole city has suddenly been taken over by Agents, and so they go on a massive rampage with Military Vehicles, killing thousands of Agents. They also learn that Mecca came under attack at the same time, but the attack was repelled because the Drones were getting "fucking tired of the same thing over and over again", and The Resistance now claims the Player was not The One, but they will need his help in the future in finding the real One (leading to an angry reaction: "What the fuck? That was it? I do all those suicidal stunts for you people, and then you tell me I'm a nobody? Fuck you, I ain't helping you.")

What do you think?

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