Forums GTA Let's think of some CREATIVE settings for GTA V

I have been looking at many of these forums discussing GTA V (or the next GTA game) being set in something that has already been done before (San Andreas, Vice City) and I was thinking that they are more likely to come up with a completely new setting for the game, and I had an interesting idea. What if we as the forum goers, put together our ideas for the next GTA game's locale, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each, and have a majority vote or something to decide on what we would want most, and then we could even send an e-mail or written letter to Rockstar giving a popular locale idea, if only to see their reaction, as they have said that they have not decided on a locale. I am not saying that we would be able to write Rockstar's game for them, just give them a helping hand. Nevertheless, I would really just like to hear people's ideas on new, never been done before locales for the next GTA. I personally am in love with an idea I had about it being set in modern day Australia, where you have the whole of Australia to do missions in. That would bring back planes for starters (for those San Andreas nuts) and could give a very interesting twist on the whole GTA franchise. Imagine speeding 200 miles an hour down the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or having a shootout in the Opera House. This nostalgic feeling comes from being an Australian, but I think it could actually work. It could also be set in Washington DC, as that and Chicago are really the only two monumentous American cities left that they haven't made into a video game and done right (the reason I say this is because the reason they did Liberty City twice is because they never really fleshed out the city in GTA III, and they never really did it properly, whereas Vice City felt like Miami, and San Andreas felt like California). Lets hear your ideas. AtomicLlama 10:43, October 7, 2010 (UTC)

It will be set in a location that has already been done...however only the title of the city. Rumour has it that its Los Santos next. If it is true, i dont think it will be in San Andreas, probably in the real California, replacing LA like Vice City is in the real Florida. Australia wouldn't work, a lot of it is just open space and it is far too big. Plus, Australia have enough trouble allowing GTA to be sold there uncut, imagine what it would be like if Rockstar set a GTA there. NT92 20:59, October 9, 2010 (UTC)