I don't have or seen the GTA episodes from liberty city loading scenes for xbox360, ps3 or pc. Can you tell me how this new disc works or upload a video with the loading scenes for pc? I am not talking about the DLC but the disc for either ps3 or pc. You choose what game you want and it will load with than specific character? The game will just load up like GTA IV? OR Will the game load up like GTA IV and then choose the game you want?

Also, can the vehicles and weapons you have on the one story be used on the other story?Template:Gta iv forum

If I read your question correctly - On the PS3, hit X (or enter), black screen comes up with legalese don't sell drugs and shoot people in real life blah blah. The first game screen appears with Johnny Kliebetz and the title design for The Lost and Damned on the left and Luis Lopez and the title design for The Ballad of Gay Tony on the right. You can choose which game you want to play as each character will highlight depending on your D-Pad selection. The background is a warehouse (??) or some industrial structure hand drawn in grey scale. Depending on your choice, the format of GTA IV remains, with hand drawn feature characters layered and floating over background stills. The TLAD stills are buildings and backdrops seen around Liberty City. The backdrops for TBOGT are not a recognizable scene, rather, a primary color with a lens flare effect of the same color. R* stays true to the spirit of each story throughout. TLAD being gritty while TBOGT is glitzy and pretty. Each game has several vehicles and weapons which are native to that game ONLY. The weapons in TLAD are excessively high power which continues in TBOGT, yet, in Gay Tony the weapons resemble guns you might see in an alien or sci-fi game!

Baxish102 14:41, May 1, 2010 (UTC)