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Welcome to the GTA Wiki Lounge. This is a place to discuss anything and everything.

Please keep discussion clean and civilised, remember that this is public and a lot of different people come here.

If you have a question about the wiki, ask it in Forum:Help Desk. If you have a question about GTA, try Forum:GTA, and for anything about other games, go to Forum:Gaming.

To add a new topic, please type the title in the box below and click "Add new topic". (Try to make the title helpful, not just "Problem".)

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TopicLast EditLast Author
Stickied Threads
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URL Structure Change04:47, August 5, 2015DaNASCAT
Flags - a new way to maintain article notice boxes16:18, July 6, 2015Kirkburn
Best Car09:08, July 6, 2015Ward1706
So what's the deal between GTA Wiki and Grand Theft Wiki?15:10, May 31, 2015Messi1983
GTA V Vehicle "Performance" Sections12:52, December 30, 2014Tsunderella
Radio stations formatting00:15, December 13, 2014AndreEagle17
Deletion21:41, December 11, 2014Smurfynz
The Law&Order Conspiracy22:34, August 26, 2014DragonVayle
New to GTA 5 Online....looking for friends12:54, April 14, 2014Devi8Woman
Top fun reference17:44, March 21, 2014Mateo 6545
I cannot find a Sultan in GTAO to save my life.07:45, October 13, 2013PoloniumFist
Has anyone else noticed?02:52, October 9, 2013Цар
Parent Filter22:25, October 3, 2013Generaltsao
Packie GTA V21:09, September 26, 2013Wind within 707
GTA V Custom Video13:28, August 29, 2013LS11sVaultBoy
GTA chatroom08:38, July 22, 2013G0LD3NF1RE
Message etched on wall?07:07, April 6, 2013Juliuswheezer
What did you do when YOU reached 100% in San Andreas?11:15, March 18, 2013Steve Greg
Interesting/Funny Idea for a future GTA23:10, March 17, 2013Metlman13
Check out some GTA-inspired clothing!!21:46, February 15, 2013Outfitclothing
"Wikitable" almost illegible.14:48, February 11, 2013Frank Velich
Favorite vehicles of all time!21:38, November 5, 2011Jordanqp
New Main Page and pagetitle11:11, October 26, 2010Biggest gta fan ever
We need your help!04:43, April 17, 2010The Hole
Rockstar Toronto01:43, April 8, 2010A-Dust
Can there be a video-adding button?10:24, December 8, 20090ComeKillLah
MSN?19:01, September 27, 2009Norwegian Girl
User badges - new feature01:19, March 7, 2009Kirkburn
I'll be back to regularly editing soon, I promise.16:48, September 28, 2008EPX2

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