In one of my earlier posts I mentioned something about animals and a zoo. That left a lot of people puzzled.

Well here is my idea for that.

A new ability for the player is the following:

When the player roams around rural San Andreas he will find wild animals. They include bears, deer, wolves, cows and horses. When the player encounters these creatures he can do three things

1. He can kill these animals for either there skin or for meat (health). He can also sell their meat to restaurants for cash or skin to clothing stores. And if he sells enough skin or meat he can unlock the ability of getting a 50% discount on food in restaurants and clothes in clothes stores around San Andreas. When going for the cows the farmers will be alerted and will attempt to stop you.

2. If the player has taken wrestling classes and has put on enough muscle size in the gym(another idea to be explained soon), He can wrestle these animals to the ground until they calm down and therefore automatically taming them in the process. This is impossible without the wrestling skills.

3. Some animals can't be tamed by being wrestled to the ground. Another way of doing it is by tranquillizer. After the animal is put to sleep you are given limited time to bring the animal back to one of your safehouses where you can put them in either cages, your pool (sharks, turtles only) or in a fenced area in your garden. The player will need a truck to put the animals in. If the time runs out while the player still hasn't reached the destination, the animal will escape and run off.

When the player enters the abandoned Flint County Zoo, he will come across Lions, Crocodiles, Gorillas and Tigers. This time the player can only kill for their skin but can tame them using the same methods.HarveyH92 00:10, February 28, 2010 (UTC)

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