I like GTA games, especially the GTA III era, so I created an alternative storyline , with missions, gangs , chanracters... I'm currently working on the grphical part, I'm trying to make it as a mod for San Andreas. it will be a complete overhaul. The setting will not be San Andreas, but my own hometown, which is a small mountain town with barely  7 k population, but I managed to cram in over 300 missions.

The protagonist is... well.... me. I always wanted to be the protagonist. The story is fictional, as there is barely any violence in my town and there are no street gangs, altough there are two gypsy clans. I made many of my classmates into important storyline characters.

There are many gangs in the game, specifically : The Balan Clan (named after George Balan, the only criminal in the real-life town. The Clan owns 90% of the city, is heavily armed and is recognised after their Black bandannas and red jackets), the Westside Barons ( the only non-drugs clan. Based on a friend of mine, Florin "The Baron" Herghe. Is recognised by their yellow and blue outfit), the Corduneanu Clan (based on a real-life gangster clan, the Corduneanu Fammily, which operated in a city near mine), the Keen Eye Clan ( jewish clan, collaborates with the Police), three gypsy clans, PSS ( a security company working with the Barons), KST( a security company working with the Balans) and a street-thug clan. The story goes like this: The central character, me, starts working for  the Westside Barons. Soon, the Balans and the KST start losing territory. After a few more hits I become co-leader of the Barons, but I get betrayed by the leader and get shot, while the leader is killed by Balans. I wake up after 3 months and return to the city to see both the Barons and PSS wiped out and I work to get back territory. Toghether with the only weapons dealer in town and with the chief of police, i restore the Barons, but the Balans confront me and eliminate all my allies, one by one, while I eliminate their leaders. After a final confrontation ( more like a massacre in broad daylight), the Balans, Barons, PSS, KST and Conduneanu Clans are wiped out ( 160+ deaths only in this fight, on both sides) and I abandon the criminal life forever.

How does that sound? It would take me a few months to re-create my town piece-by-piece, make completely new ped models, missions , cutscenes, text, etc. it would basicly be a new game. I think it would need a new wikia.....

Steve Greg (talk) 22:02, March 16, 2013 (UTC)

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