Template:Gta iv forum Does anyone know about the next DLCs by 2010 and gta title for PS2. If you dont know it look at for more information...

I hope that that new DLCs are coming is true. However, I predict and hope that the thing about the PS2 is not true... Doens't make any sense for R* to go back to the PS3's predecessor. I think if new DLCs were to come, they would be fan-base... Like the first one being:

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Luck of The Irish (or something), starring Gordon Sargent. Hopefully not Packie, Gordon has much more potential.

Then, I guess then we almost have someone from each part of the GTA IV map:

Broker: Niko Bellic

Dukes: Gordon Sargent

Bohan: ???

Algonquin: Luis Fernando Lopez

Alderney: Johnny Klebitz

I would love to have someone focused in Bohan. The only thing that happened there is one of Mikhail's missions, one of LJ's misions and some of Manny and Elizabeta's. All I can think of is Manuel (?), Elizabeta's bodyguard in GTA IV.

--- Master Sima Yi 10:35, 10 July 2009 (Holland)