One Man Army Is an Achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV. The Xbox 360 and PC achievement rewards 40 points towards gamerscore, and the PlayStation 3 trophy is silver. This achievement is obtained by surviving a time of five minutes with a six star wanted level. This achievement becomes locked if the player uses the following cheats:

362-555-0100 (full health, armor and repair vehicle)

267-555-0100 (no wanted level)

359-555-0100 (Annihilator)


  • The most straight-forward (and most difficult) method of getting this achievement is by brute-force: escape the police by driving around town after getting the six-star wanted level. Here's a tutorial of how to do it as soon as you finish the first mission, The Cousins Bellic:

0. You'll want to top off on health and armor (if possible), as you may have to spend sometime running around on foot between switching cars.

1. Drive to the Algonquin Bridge. At this point in the game, the bridge will be blocked off.

2. Drive up to the police blockade and park with your car's rear facing the cement road block (beyond which stands two officers and a police car); the purpose of this is to ensure the quickest possible getway once you trigger the six-star wanted level.

3. Get out of the car and walk close to the cement block. This will immediately trigger the six-star wanted level and the two policemen will start shooting at you, and you may get a few hit.

4. Immediately get back into your vehicle and speed away. GET OFF THE BRIDGE via the exit (which you probably came up on), it will be much easier to escape the cops within the city blocks.

5. From that point on you can just drive around the city and try to avoid the various police presence.

A few quick tips:

1. I cannot stress this enough: IT'S VERY IMPORTANT TO KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE RADAR AT ALL TIMES WHILE ESCAPING; simply by driving around and avoid the streets where you would run into heavy police presence you should be able to get this achievement after a few tries (dying).

2. SWITCH CARS AS SOON AS YOUR CAR GETS BADLY DAMAGED; if not, you may have to jump out of a flaming car, which makes you an easy targetting for cop cars and cops shooting at you while you are down.

One funny moment is when you hop out of your car and switch vehicles, sometimes it will take longer than usual for your car to start. This is a cliche seen in movies a lot, when the protagonist needs to make a quick getaway, except the car isn't willing to turn over right away.

2. SPEND AS LITTLE TIME ON FOOT AS POSSIBLE; otherwise you are just a simple target, as in the cities, cops will be spawning everywhere around you and you'll have almost nowhere to hide.

In Conclusion: if you fail, try try and try again. This brute-force method is hard to master, and may require you to die quite a few times before this. But it's beneficial in the sense that you don't have to do any cheats, and you can brag to your friends about your escape skills in GTA4. Ubcphysicsyangbo 00:08, May 11, 2010 (UTC)

  • Another tip from Uncle LULZ =P, and easier than my previous one: Hide behind the Snack Shop at the TW@ in North Holland and then use the add 1 wanted level six times (But if you are anti-cheating (Even if it do not could be considered as a cheat, because you are not receiving nothing, and it do not block any achievement), forget this, because the "kill all cops until you get it" will ruin the entire strategy.). Ok, finished. Just wait, seriously. And whatever happens, do not shoot (Although, if there are no cops watching the TW@ shop, you can have some fun by shooting the door. Some N.O.O.S.E guys will get in, look the entire place (And strangely, even where you are) and then leave the place. In my game, i shot down the shop owner and then waited for all the guys inside the place to leave. But i don't think it's necessary, you can just hide.

Edit- These guys are more stupid than you think. Even if the Wanted Stars shine blue (TBoGT), White (GTA IV) or shining Gray (TLAD), they will not attack you, just try to aim through the snack's. And EVEN if you shoot one of them, they will hide behind the cashier desk, and shoot you with Shotguns, SMG's, Pistols... What a waste of ammo. If you remain hidden, they cannot hit you. lol.

  • An easy way to get it is hide in the first patient room in the hospital located in Schottler, Broker. Use the "Add 1 wanted level" cheat 6 times. Take cover in the left of the blue cabinet. Take a good weapon, like an assault rifle, and keep looking at the door. If one cop get in (Nearly Impossible), you shoot. Wait the 5 minutes and you should get the achievement. Ididitforthelulz
  • It is extremely difficult to just drive around the city with a six star wanted level. A good way to achieve this without much work is when Algonquin is unlocked, but Alderney isn't (make sure that the Middle Park East Safehouse is unlocked too). What the player must do is drive near the police barricade on the Hickey Bridge and snipe one of the police officers from a distance. That will immediately give you a six star wanted level. Then quickly jump into your car or on your bike and head to the Middle Park East Safehouse. Jump out of your car, walk through the front doors and go to the elevator that gets you to your room. Now you are untouchable (unless if you accidentally walk to the yellow arrow) and all you have to do is wait for five minutes or until you achieve this. Do not get onto the computer or watch television because it will just pause there and start where you logged on. And especially DO NOT get on your bed and save the game because you will lose that wanted level.
  • Here is a video showing an easy way to get six stars and immediately hide somewhere untouchable.
  • Happiness Island is a great place to go for this if you have enough ammunition. The place is loaded with civilians, and you'll meet little resistance aside from the handful of respawning security guards. Meanwhile, they'll keep sending helicopters over which you can dispatch at your leisure, especially as the only building on the island makes for a perfect fort, including a soda machine for health. It's extra fun to get on the docks and snipe the loads of police officers running towards you, into the water like lemmings. After you get bored or run out of magazines, you can escape on a boat and the chase will drag it out for an even longer time until you can escape.
  • Another easy way to get the achievement if you have the higher grade weapons (i.e. the Combat Shotgun, Carbine Rifle, etc) is to hold your self up at the Cluckin' Bell at Star Junction. There is only one way for the cops to get at you, and there's good cover to blast them away as they come. Refer here for help.
  • If you actually want to evade the police, get a strong yet fast vehicle such as the Patriot in Algonquin before unlocking Alderney. Drive straight through the barricade (along the side) on the bridge, not the Booth Tunnel. This will automatically give you six stars. Continue heading straight and you will be on Plumber's Skyway. It is a long highway with gradual turns and it's easy to maintain speed. You can see police vehicles ahead of time and change lanes to avoid them. When you near the end of the highway before it goes back down into the streets, use one of the openings to turn around and go the other way.
  • An Easy way to achieve this goal is after you unlock Algonquin and before unlocking Alderney and Steal a Chopper like the ones used by the heli tours and Fly over Alderney which gets six stars wanted level and choppers after you, but they won't be a problem if you fly really high and the NPC piloted choppers don't go far up as Statue of Happiness and because of that they won't be able to shoot at you and after you have achieved your goal and if you unlocked Playboy X pent house you can land on the roof, go inside and save and you'll lose all wanted stars.
  • The easiest way to achieve this goal is by using the Wanted Level Up cheat and staying in a safe house that requires a elevator to get to the room you can just sit there for those 5 minutes or run along to do some things and with little to no hassle you'll achieve the One Man Army achievement/trophy
  • Here is another way. Wait for Algonquin to be unlocked and get a vehicle and powerful weapons and body armour before the shoot-out. Get to the TW@ cafe in Algonquin and go to on the computer to get 5 stars and continue shooting cops until 6 stars appear. Now, get to your car and drive to where the subway goes underground. Now, you should see some orange fencing where some wall should be, so drive, through the fencing, onto the tracks and keep driving until you see the tri-junction by the Algonquin Bridge and hide out there. If you leave the search radius before you reach the junction, go back in the radius and stay put and be careful of passing trains. After 5 minutes or so, the One Man Army achievement/trophy should pop up. Main worries are: killed at TW@ or before reaching car, killed in fireball after been slammed into a train, or been killed by Ratman, although it's VERY unlikely. TOP TIP: at the cafe, throw molotovs at the door, so cops can burn alive but be warned! it could backfire and you could burn alive
  • Here's my walkthrough. First off, go to a tall, enterable building and get on the roof. Then, use the add Wanted Level cheat until you get 6. First off, stay away from where the police could shoot you. If you hear a helicopter coming, take out a rifle or an RPG, and either snipe the pilot or blow up the copter. Be sure to watch the doors though, as though it'll take a while for the cops to reach you, they'll kick your butt when they get to the top. If you hear some cops coming, shoot them, or toss a Molotov at the entrance. Do this until you get the trophy! ---Koopster 64
  • An easy way to get this achievement can be done on the very first mission. Turn autosave off and start a new game. On the first mission, The Cousins Bellic, go straight to the Hove Beach train station. Go up the stairs with Roman's Taxi until you reach the top level track. Once you reach the top level, turn right and drive toward Algonquin. Follow the tracks across south Broker and the Algonquin Bridge. As soon as you cross into Algonquin you will gain a 6 star wanted level. Go all the way into the subway and wait. The police will not follow you. After 5 minutes you will get the One Man Army Achievement/Trophy.
  • Once you have the Algonquin safe house you go down to street level and use the wanted up cheat, then you run up in to the safe house, and sit there for five minutes, do not go on the internet, don't go downstairs and definitely don't go to sleep.
  • An entirely different way of doing this involves a lot of running around.  Go to the Internet cafe in north Algonquin and visit LLSP for an easy 5 stars.  Then, speed straight south down the road outside until you reach the blocks in south Algonquin with all the different alleyways.  Once there, DITCH THE CAR, and start running through the alleys ON FOOT to lose the cops and copters.  There are enough blind angles that you can always stay one step ahead of them, thanks to the minimap, and within a couple of minutes their presence will be reduced to roving foot soldiers and the occasional cruiser randomly going by.  Even if a copter sights you, it will take so long for enough cops to ruin your day to show up that you can escape again.  Over time, pick off enough cops with your pistol to get up to 6 stars, then just keep weaving in and out until you get the achievement.  One last tip: if you manage to do this in the area near the Cluckin' Bell, there is a hot dog vendor immediately by it which you can use to replenish health if you got wailed on before you could shrug the police off. - Voidsoul22 (talk) 01:03, June 7, 2013 (UTC)
  • My favourite way is to go to one of the two hospitals that you can walk into and kill everyone in the waiting room and then hide at the back of the room behind a pillar and kill police officers as they walk in the one way into the hospital. There's a health pack at the front of the room for easy healing.--Canadian Reject (talk) 18:53, November 25, 2013 (UTC)


  • One way most people prefer is taking a Securicar or Enforcer and going to an alleyway. Be sure to face the engin toward the wall that way when police shoot at it, they wont shoot the engine which would make it explode if it was shoot at. Then make sure the driver door is touching a wall that way cops can't open your door. Then wait outside and get a six star wanted level, quickly enter the passenger door (not driver door since it is facing a wall) and wait 5 minutes. Using this method is much safer than the ones above because the only time you loose health is when you are trying to obtain the 6 star wanted level.