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You can fire two, three or even four shotgun shells with the pump action shotgun in quick succession with this glitch. 1: Take cover behind a wall and get into a gunfight as usual. 2: When you have a target, target them and hold L. 3: When ready, HOLD R. 4: When you hear the first bang, press RB, while still holding R. 5: When you hear the second bang, click Left Stick, still holding R. 6: You will fire a third shell and you can stand again and fire a fourth if you're skilled enough. 7:Continue holding R until you're done firing or have run out of targets. 8: Using this, you can kill armored targets quicker, destroy vehicles and kill multiple targets in a short amount of time. 9: You can do this with all eight shells by standing and crouching in quick succession while holding R.