Hello Im just wondering if anybody can help me find the BOLT-ACTION SNIPER RIFLE, NOT the COMBAT SNIPER RIFLE locations in the beginning of the game. I decided to start a new GTA 4 save without using cheats and i came to this wiki to find the weapon locations and I clicked on the Weapons in GTA IV link and I then clicked on the regular sniper rifle and clicked on the locations for it and it says that theres one in Broker in East Hook on Mohanet Avenue where the ship the Platypus is at on a gantry crane, one in Steinway off of Dukes Drive on a ferry-terminal type thing by the docks, as well as one in Algonquin in Northwood where Exeter Avenue and Grummer Road intersect on top of a oil refining tower. since at the beginning of the game algonquin is blocked, ive tried looking for the other two in there respective locations and have come up empty-handed. the in-game website doesnt really help much because it shows the location of both rifles but im wondering if anyone has an actually photo or video of exactly where both rifles are at and if i can get them without using any cheats. again im looking for the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, NOT the Combat Sniper Rifle. The sniper i want is the one you use when u have to snipe for Packie in one of Elizabeta's missions. I would greatly appreciate anybodys help! Thanks

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