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In GTA 5 After the first misson of the game do you get to swich over and play as any of the three characters of your choice or do you have to unlock them and also do you unlock the hole map and the ammunation store from the start of the game 

I can answer two of your three questions:

  1. After the Prologue, you can only play as Michael for a limited time. You will soon meet Franklin, and can play as him. Trevor will be unlocked after playing a certain mission with Michael and Franklin. All three can be unlocked within a few hours of gameplay.
  2. The entire map is available to explore after completing the Prologue, which is to say that it is available shortly after starting the campaign.
  3. As for the ammunation store, I am sorry but I do not remember.

Nebiksrazu (talk) 13:17, February 14, 2014 (UTC)

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