Forums GTA Super awesome 6 Star Wanted fight... help, please?

Hey all. Like most, I love getting in huge police fights and leaving streets littered with flaming car parts, with blood streaming down the street.

What cooler thing then letting that blood drip off the top of a building? I know, right? Actually, I want that to happen, but I need help finding a building that police can actually climb to the top of. I just basically sit on top of a roof, shooting RPGs at helicopters, but the police are usually too far down for me to get a shot.

All I've found so far is the bottom level of the RON oil building, it has a ladder that goes to an elevated position just above the alley right next to it. But that isnt too fun, because the area is in an alley, the helicopters go like miles into the air, I cant shoot them.

What would also be nice, is a building that is low enough so that I can shoot at police officers. Preferrably, one WITHOUT access to the roof via ladder. e.g: something like a gas station. But thats kinda too low... police can get potshots at me from anywhere. thanks Extremofire 12:01, October 13, 2010 (UTC)