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Does anyone have an idea or thought of what the 2nd DLC might be about.Will Luis Fernando Lopez get back at Niko Bellic for killing his friend Teddy Benavidez?Will Ray Bulgarin be killed by Luis?Are the Leftwood Hispanic Street Gang going to make a more important role in this DLC?Wright down what you think.-User:BloodyGTA

No. Maybe. Yes. I have a slight feeling that Teddy and Luis weren't that close. Like a feeling that he's Luis' Brian Jeremy. Ray might be a major figure in Luis' story. It just seems unlikely that Bulgarin, a huge problem for Niko, would be killed by Luis. But anything can happen. Maybe Bulgarin goes to one of Tony's club looking for his diamonds after their lost in Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend and Luis has to kill him. The L.H.S gang will certainly play an important part in the DLC. I really can't guess how, but they'll play a part for sure.

i think they should have packie mcreary as the main protagonist of the second DLC. Think abt it he's been known to outlast shootouts along side niko and look very well when it comes to handling his on weight. so they should have him trying to pump life into the mcreary mob (or irish mob whichever) and gaining respect from liberty city maybe even trying to take out the commision so they can have liberty city to there selves. then they should join up with dwayne and his crew and put niko as a hitman and also all of niko's criminal freinds and take over all of liberty city.--Coop804 13:34, 15 May 2009 (UTC)

Luis is the protagonist for the second DLC so the storyline must focus on the missions diamonds are girls best friend and the museum piece. I think the main antagonist must be ray bulgarin and the last mission is killing the fish bone in gay tony's throat. That means that Luis and gay tony and their alliances must reach the port before bulgarin leaves the Liberty city and his men. So tony and luis along their alliance gangs must destroy the ship and fight bulgarin's men and after they had killed them luis and gay tony will cut their relationship.

What I'd see for a storyline is Luis starting with Tony and Teddy as his main mission givers. Teddy introduces Luis to Ray. Luis starts working for him, but doesn't like Ray much as Niko and Johnny. Maybe even Teddy or Tony has connections to Elizabeta Torres so that all GTA IV protagonists will also have worked for her. Luis also starts working for Gracie Ancelotti after Tony has introduced him to her (mainly involving driving her around).

After sometime having worked for Ray, he returns to him to find out that Ray had ordered Teddy killed, and had to flee from Ray's men. Luis wanted revenge for Teddy's death, but was persuaded by Tony not to go to Ray, instead Tony had Gracie introduce him to the Ancelotti Family and Luis starts working for Frank Garone, a capo in the Family. After Frank was killed, Luis starts working for Charles Matteo, who is now mainly running the Family's business due to Giovanni Ancelotti's age. The missions for Frank and Charles mainly involve twarding the Pegorino Family, including messing up the deal at the Libertonian. Then Luis starts working for Tony again, who has found out that his diamonds were now in the possession of Ray Bulgarin. Luis robbed the diamonds of off him and traded them for Gracie.

At last, when Luis went to Tony in one of his clubs, who feels depressed because his clubs were now closed. Then, Ray and his men break into Tony's club and starts shooting at Luis and Tony. Luis held off Ray's men until reinforcements came, and Ray fled. Luis hunted Ray down, and killed him.

This is just what's in my head right now. I guess there should also be some missions for Evan Moss, and I gues there'll be bouncer and bodyguard side missions, and an underground fight club.

Of course, there are things that I've left out in Luis' story in both games.

Master Sima Yi 2 August 2009