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As I discovered the myth of Ratman, I thought I would try to find him. I called Dwayne for backup and spawned a FIB Buffalo (To make it like an official investigation). We headed into the subway and after about twenty minutes of searching found nothing. Then in the distance I saw something move so I headed down further into the tunnel. When I got to the next subway station, I found everyone who would normally be there to be dead and a NOOSE team to be among the victims. Just then all of Dwanye's goons fell out of the car, dead. I got out and went to go to the surface but the stairway was blocked by stacked dumpsters that I could not blow out of the way with grenades. I got back in my car and started driving, all of the lights went out, and I thought I could drive to the above-ground section of the track. When I got the opening I found it to be completely blocked by NOOSE Transports. I once again had to head into the subway. I passed several not moving trains with noone on them, I kept hearing scurrying behind my car and suddenly it flipped and was no longer driveable so I had no choice but to continue on foot. I found a service exit that was still open, when I entered the exit I was met by a pale white homeless man wearing a hood that blocked much of his face. As much as I shot him he did not fall as he andvanced towards me. He got face to face with me and my screen faded to black. I woke up at the hostpital where I first entered the tunnel and the game was back to normal. This event never happened to me again but I remember. I remember the Ratman.

Ratman might be real

I have never have seen "Ratman" up close or even outside of a vehicle but what I saw in a subway tunnel once has me a partial-believer. I was ridding the subway northbound by grand easton station in GTA IV when from the back of the train I briefly saw I thought was ratman. He looked from what I saw of him, similar to that of a youtube video, like a homeless man with a hoodie. Now keep in mind there was no subway intersections (where homeless hang out) near this location so that made it especially strange. I still dont know if ratman is real but now I keep a look out while ridding the subway.
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Ratman looked Very similar to this guy who supposedly is ratman