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What do you think happend to Donald Love after Love's Disappearance?There've been many suggestions (He needed to leave Liberty City to get away from the Colombian Cartel,the Cartel kidnapped him,etc).Everyone has the right to believe what they believe,as long as it makes sence.

Avery has not Died

I think Avery did not die. He is a very smart man and did not come to Liberty City, with plans invaluable in a bobcat with two cars protecting.
He may have used a cover. What explains he has not a word disc. He had been hiding, knowing the attack on its cover. And waited for the dust settles and planned his revenge against love. I think he with the help of Verccetti, sequetraram Love, tortured him, the two had a score-settling and then killed him. What explains the newspaper in GTA IV with the news that Donald Love was dead. Maybe his body was found right after the execution. And the newspaper said, "is Donald Love Died". If they had knowledge about where and how would Donald Love was, they would say "Donald Love has died ". What does that actually had all the aida missing..

Mafia's Revenge

I believe that the Vercetti Gang had something to do with it.If you've played Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (Spoilers for those who have'nt played it and plan to) Donald orders Toni Cipriani to kill Avery Carrington in order to get his plans and make millions of dollars,and for those who played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City know that Avery and Tommy were good friends.After 3 years I guess Tommy was trying to find out who was responsible for Avery's death and found out (probably through Phil Cassidy who could be his contact in Liberty City) that Donald orderd his death and sends his men to get Donald and his friend bring them to Vice City and tortured them and killed them.Tommy probably orderd Toni's death and led to a mob war between the Leone Family and Vercetti Gang,until Joey Leone orders Tommy's death and is killed in a shootout between the Leones and Vercettis.This could explain the R.I.P Tommy and Toni on the walls in Broker.

OH MY GOD man!!! That is needlessly confusing yet entertaining. You should write that as a Fan Fiction story. Anyhow was that paper in the box in a note? Because if it was a note that means he wasn't kidnapped, but the subtitles on the screen woulda come up as Claude read it. Love's fate depends on what's on that piece of paper.

There was also blood in the blood in the box so, it couldve been human organs, ya know...cuase he is a cannibal. Then he pry left Liberty City. Getting what he needed from Claude, but he might be alive cause he is on newspapers in GTA IV and GTA EFLC. But that could be a article sayin they found his body.

Thank you!!But yet what do you mean b "the paper in the box"?Do you mean the box at the cutscene of Love's Disappearance?-User:BloodyGTA
I at first thought that the guy (spoilers for TLAD) who Johnny rescues in Off Route was Love. If you've played, you'll remember the guy on the Prison Transport Bus who viciously bit the guard, and remarked on his taste. We all know how Love is, and this screamed necrophiliac cannibal business owner. Although I later heard a bit of a radio broadcast about the mission, and I think he was remarked as some sort of messed up serial killer. I didn't hear the whole thing so I'm not sure. And, of course, GTAIV has not been confirmed to take place in the same universe as GTAIII era games, so this could all be a load of crap. User:KlebitzFan
Yea, the paper in the open box in Love's penthouse during the cutscene Love's Disappearance. If it wasn't a note it shoulda been a check or a deed to the penthouse or something. GOD!!! User:TommygunAl
I think that he think think and think about what he did and he become crazy and he is just on the streets i think. Maybe in a mental hospital. user:repel05

I thought of it like this, after donald left He went to san andreas prolly moved into madd dogg's old house. started selling real estate but some how got caught up in the drug game and pist off wu zi mu and the moutain cloud boys and woozie put a hit on his head. being that woozie and CJ are freinds he prolly sent Cj and some of his Grove street boys to kill him. love being the bitch that he is prolly paid off the san fierro triads to help hi out. it all ended up in a big war involving CJ getting murdered which explains the writing on the walls--Coop804 17:33, 7 May 2009 (UTC)

He was origanlly to be klled on Darkel's oreders but after 9/11 they removed darkel so Donald Love had no place to go but to just disapear.--Roman bellic 17:36, 11 May 2009 (UTC)

IN Gta IV theres a pic of donald love on the newspaper in the yellow newspaper dispencers around the city. the name of the article is "Loves new relationship with high taxes"

maybe he got a job with the government if the newspaper said he loved taxes? (--GTAddict 21:13, 27 May 2009 (UTC)) [edit] OMFG DONALD LOVE IS THA PRESIDENT OF THE US OF A!!!

Yakuza/Cartel's revenge.

For sure, either the Colombian Cartel or the Yakuza killed him because of his actions does anyone agree?