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France is a country in Western Europe, officially known as the French Fifth Republic, with several overseas territories and islands located on other continents and in the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans. Its capital and largest city is Paris. It is among the six founding members of the European Union. It is bordered by Spain and Andorra to the southwest, Italy to the southeast, Switzerland and Germany to the east, and Belgium and Luxembourg to the northeast.

There are a few but subtle references to France in the Grand Theft Auto series.




Vice City

San Andreas

Liberty City Stories

  • On the LCFR radio station, there's a radio show named Coq-o-Vin, hosted by Richard Goblin.

Vice City Stories

  • Le Singe d'Arbre is a French-named café in Little Haiti. However, it is written in incorrect French. The name should translate as The Monkey of the Tree ("Le Singe de l'Arbre"), but instead translates as The Tree's Monkey.


  • Some pedestrians speak French.
  • Paris can be seen on the television channel CNT.
  • According to Weazel News, the French government is considering requesting the return of the Statue of Happiness.
  • offers "Feminine chain-smoking French babies".
  • Derriere - A business, it means "behind", it's to a synonym to the human buttocks, as seen in the store logo.
  • Fourchette - A clothing company, seen in, it means "fork".
  • Le Chien - A high-end fashionable clothing company featured in, it means "the dog".
  • The "American Travel: The European Travel Guide" website mentions France and includes several derogatory French stereotypes. The website also claims Brussels is in France.


Grand Theft Auto V


  • GTA V sold 1,951,000 copies in France during 2013, thus making it by far the best-selling game of the year.


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