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The scene fades in with Michael having a discussion with Dr Friedlander, at his office.
Dr Friedlander Your son, James. He's a good kid?
Michael He's a good kid? A-- a good kid? Why? Does he help the fuckin' poor? No. He sits on his ass all day, smoking dope and jerkin' off while he plays that fucking game. If that's our standard for goodness, then no wonder why this country's screwed.
Dr Friedlander And what about you?
Michael What about me?
Dr Friedlander motions his hands, wanting Michael to talk.
Michael Hey.
Michael sits up straight.
Michael I didn't have the advantages that kid has. By the time I was his age, I'd already been in prison twice. I robbed banks. I ran whores, I smuggled dope.
Dr Friedlander And you consider them achievements?
Michael These were the opportunities I had. At least I took 'em.
Dr Friedlander And where did these opportunities get you, Michael?
Michael They got me right...
Michael stands up and walks around the office, expressing his anger.
Michael ...fuckin' here! The end of the road! With a big house and a useless kid, and I'm stuck talking to you because no one else gives a shit! Oh, I'm living the dream, baby! And that dream is fucked, it is... fuckin' fucked!
Dr Friedlander Let it all out.
Michael sits back down.
Michael I think I just did...
Dr Friedlander glances at his watch, noticing the time.
Dr Friedlander Oh. Well I, think that's all we have time for. Same time next week?
Michael I guess...
Michael stands back up and walks towards the door to leave Friedlander's office.
Michael I gotta tell you, I ain't too sure this shit is workin' for me.
Dr Friedlander Hm.
Dr Friedlander stands up from his chair.
Dr Friedlander Well, a sense of overriding futility is a vital part of the process. Embrace it.
Michael opens the door.
Michael Whatever you say, Doc.
Michael walks out and closes the door behind him.