Freddy's House is the home of Freddy, a member of the Vagos gang in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The house is featured only in the mission OG Loc, in which CJ and OG Loc meet Freddy outside of his house before beginning a motorcycle chase throughout Los Santos, which ultimately results in Freddy's death. It is located in the district of East Los Santos, across the street from the Pig Pen strip club.


You can enter Freddy's House by failing the mission in front of the main door. Then a yellow marker appears in front of the main door. The interior of the house is very dark and small. Only one person appeared in this house. One pistol can be obtained in the living room. If you exit the house you won't be able to enter it again.

It can be also accessed during the Burglar missions, but not always. Normal NPCs can be seen living in the house, suggesting that they bought the house some time after OG Loc.

It is accessible through the Hidden Interiors Universe.

Mission Appearances

Freddy's House appears in the following missions: