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Freddy is a British man who, in 1986, resides in Vice City. Freddy is voiced by GTA developer Dan Houser.


Freddy is an unseen man who has a fetish for spanking and nannies.

In 1986, he telephones K-CHAT, asking Gethsemanee Starhawk Moonmaker to spank him.

By 1992 he has opened up a company called Hampshire Nannies.

In Grand Theft Auto III, Freddy has moved to Liberty City. He telephones Chatterbox FM, asking Lazlow about nannies in America, stating he needs to be spanked. Lazlow reacts with disgust when he finds out that Freddy wants nannies to fulfil his own sexual fantasies.

Freddy is referred to in the Grand Theft Auto V film, The Loneliest Robot in Great Britain.


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