"You dropped the soap, sugar!"

Freddy is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.



Freddy's house in East Los Santos

A member of the Vagos, Freddy was serving an unspecified prison sentence alongside OG Loc. Loc claims that Freddy "disrespected" him and "stole his rhymes" in prison, while Freddy's dialogue implies Loc was Freddy's 'prison bitch' (also stating that it was "just a prison thing" as there were no "muchachas" inside to please him). This turn of events leads Loc to unhesitatingly seek out Freddy after his own release to an East Los Santos home, where Freddy is residing after his release. The arrival of Loc and Carl Johnson at Freddy's house prompts Freddy to flee on a PCJ-600, resulting in Carl and Loc pursuing him on another bike (while Freddy taunts the duo) and ultimately killing him.

Mission Appearances

GTA San Andreas


  • It is possible to kill Freddy before he reaches his gang, resulting in a rather fast mission completion.
  • Freddy is one of the several homosexual characters in the GTA universe; his dialogue hints at his homosexuality, including the way that he taunts Carl and Loc. During the bike chase, Freddy shouts out to Carl and Loc, "I like a fast ass, not a slow ass!", "You dropped the soap, sugar!", and "I thought you were keen, cute buns!".
  • Like Kane, Little Weasel, and Big Poppa, Freddy does not have a unique character model, simply appearing with a generic Vagos model.