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Gta eflc free fall

Free Falling in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Free Falling, is the term given to a jump from great heights. It is known mainly for suicidal attempts.


In all of high building-accessible GTA games, the player automatically dies when he falls from great heights above ground, with the exception of [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]], where the player can exploit a glitch. In GTA San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Grand Theft Auto IV and it's episodes, if the player fall into a body of water, he will not die since the protagonist has the ability to swim, regardless of the height the player fell from. However, in Grand Theft Auto V, the player may die from a fall into water if the player jumped from a great height.

If a player bails out of an aerial vehicle, he can use a parachute in GTA San Andreas, The Ballad of Gay Tony and GTA V. The player can then increase his falling speed by means of diving, or to slow it down, by air resistance. If for an instance, the player removes his parachute, he will fall to death and will be wasted.

Because it is a strong physical damage, falling will result your health to decrease completely, even if you are wearing Body Armor, potentially killing you instantly, even at full health (with the exception of GTA San Andreas).

3D Universe


Obvious heights of falling from tall buildings are most likely to kill Claude. But unlike the other games, the height for the player to die in free fall is shorter, compared to GTA San Andreas. Also, free falling in this game absolutely kills the player, since Claude cannot swim (if he falls into water) and there are no glitches that prevent death from free falling.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

The same as in Grand Theft Auto III, Tommy will not die by falling from height, although in Vice City there are taller buildings, however the player will certainly die if he/she has a low Health level. Similar to GTA III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, the player does not has the ability to swim, so falling into water from any height will result in player's death.

GTA San Andreas

The player will immediately notice that when CJ shouts during a freefall (except for free falling above a sea or river), he will die. This death ranges from heights of two-stories, mountains, and skyscrapers, up to the highest point (the sky). This occurs only if CJ does not have, or has removed his parachute. Wearing a parachute also changes the animation of CJ as he dives downward and is able to control the direction of free falling.

  • If CJ's health is increased to the maximum (after completing all the Paramedic side-missions), then he can survive falling from even the highest building of San Andreas, in which case a very small amount of health will remain. However, if he is wearing a parachute and doesn't deploy it, then he will die.

In Game

  • "Freefall" is a title of mission, where CJ has to bail out from a plane to jack into a jet full of hitmen.
  • In the end of mission "Dam and Blast", there is a cutscene that shows CJ free falling (without a parachute) to the other side of the dam in order to escape the police.

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  • In most of the games, if the player is inside a land vehicle while falling (summoned by cheats), he can still survive as long as the car is not damaged severely, or if he does not bail out.