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Free Mode is a multiplayer mode first found in Grand Theft Auto IV and its episodes, and later greatly expanded upon in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Grand Theft Auto IV


GTA IV Free Mode.

"Kick back, Liberty City is your playground, only your playmates ain't so nice. Have fun out there."

In GTA IV's Free Mode, the entire single-player map of Liberty City is open, albeit with the exception of some interiors to prevent story spoilers. Weapons are littered throughout the map for players to pick up; these range from knives to rocket launchers, and the host can additionally restrict weapon spawns to a certain kind (such as assault rifles), or turn them off completely. Along with weapons, health packs and body armor vests can be picked up. Almost every vehicle from single-player is in Free Mode, including helicopters, and can seat multiple players or be used in different driving or combat roles effectively. Pay 'n' Sprays have the same purpose as they do in single-player; they can be used to evade the police (if they are turned on in the settings), or to repair or change the color of a vehicle.

One Free Mode session can fit up to 16 players on consoles, or 32 players on PC. with just the host. Friendly Fire can be turned on or off by the host (which will allow or disallow the killing of other players), as well as police, vehicles and pedestrians. The weather, time, auto-aim (can be allowed or disallowed) and spawn area can also be changed to the host's liking.

Grand Theft Auto Online


A player in their apartment in GTA Online Free Mode.

In GTA V's multiplayer Grand Theft Auto Online, much of the Free Mode concept from its earlier edition has re-appeared. Unlike GTA IV's multiplayer, Players cannot change the session conditions anymore (such as police, weapons and other elements), as they simply join into one of the available sessions. They still have the whole map for themselves to play in and the list of available features and activities has been greatly expanded upon.

Single-player activities such as golf and tennis can be played competitively with others, and earned in-game money can be spent on safehouses, vehicles, clothing and weapons. Convenience stores spread throughout the map can be robbed for quick cash or used to purchase food items to restore health.

Free Mode in GTA V is a 16-player lobby on Xbox 360 and PS3, and a 30-player lobby on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. From Free Mode, the player can receive jobs from Simeon YetarianLamar DavisGeraldLester Crest, Martin MadrazoRon Jakowski and Trevor Philips. Also available are RacesDeathmatchesParachute Jumps and more.

Upon the introduction of the Freemode Events Update (exclusively for the Enhanced version of the game), Events and Challenges start in Free Mode on public lobbies every 6 in-game hours.


  • In GTA IV, if only one player remains and he/she dies, he/she may spawn in a random place (if the location is set in Liberty City).
  • In GTA IV, if the player enters the player menu while on fire, their character will not take any damage from the fire, but can still be killed by other players.