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"Compete in 19 unique Challenges against your Freemode friends and foes. See who can perform the longest jump, who can drive the farthest without crashing, who can fall the longest distance without dying, who can freefall the farthest before pulling their ‘chute – and many other ways to risk your neck to try and be a top 3 finisher for GTA$ and RP rewards."

Freemode Challenges are a new feature introduced in the Freemode Events Update for Grand Theft Auto Online, exclusive for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


Freemode Challenges are a prominent feature as part of the Freemode Events Update. It consists of players competing in GTA Online sessions non-directly, only trying to beat one-another's scores.

1 in 4 Freemode Events are Freemode Challenges. These Challenges are live, and players do not have to join a session or lobby, nor wait for loading screens. To enter, the player simply has to press Left D-Pad (Xbox One/PlayStation 4). Like standard Freemode Events, a timer will appear along with a notification, informing the starting time of the Challenge. A "Prepare for [name of] Challenge" message will appear, informing players what they need and what they need to do for the Challenge.

Challenges list the 3 top winners in a Gold, Silver and Bronze list at the bottom right corner, along with their respective scores, and what they need to beat. As well as all this, a timer notifying the time until the challenge ends is present.

All players are rewarded for participating, with the top 3 winners gaining the largest amount of cash (ranging from $1,500 to $12,000 depending on position).

Challenges that require a specific vehicle class, such as motorcycles for the Longest Wheelie/Stoppie challenges, or any air vehicle for air challenges, will spawn suitable vehicles in many locations around Los Santos and Blaine County. These spawned vehicles will self-destruct 30 seconds after the challenge is over. If one of these vehicles is taken, a replacement will not spawn until the taken vehicle is destroyed.

Every participant in the challenge who dies will appear close to the aforementioned spawn points for suitable vehicles. For this to happen, the participant would need to die attempting the challenge, i.e. flying an air vehicle during an air challenge, regardless if the player was using a spawned vehicle or not.

List of Challenges

Regular Challenges

Challenge Description Time Limit Spawns vehicles
Driveby Kills Challenge Achieve the highest number of driveby kills on players 5 Minutes No
Fly Under Bridges Challenge Fly under the most bridges in the time limit 10 Minutes Yes
Headshot Kills Challenge Achieve the highest number of headshot kills on players 5 Minutes No
Highest Speed Challenge Achieve the highest speed in a land vehicle 5 Minutes No
Inverted Flying Challenge Fly upside-down near the ground for the longest distance 10 Minutes Yes
Longest Bail Challenge Travel the furthest distance when bailing from a land vehicle 5 Minutes No
Longest Fall Survived Challenge Fall the longest distance without dying 5 Minutes No
Longest Freefall Challenge Fall the longest distance with a parachute before opening it 10 Minutes Yes
Longest Jump Perform the longest jump in a land vehicle 5 Minutes No
Longest Reverse Reverse the longest distance without crashing 5 Minutes No
Longest Stoppie Challenge Perform the longest stoppie on a motorcycle 5 Minutes Yes
Longest Wheelie Challenge Perform the longest wheelie on a motorcycle 5 Minutes Yes
Low Flying Challenge Fly low to the ground for the longest distance 10 Minutes Yes
Lowest Parachute Challenge Open your parachute closest to the ground while freefalling 10 Minutes Yes
Melee Challenge Achieve the highest number of melee kills on players 5 Minutes No
Near Misses Challenge Perform the most near misses with other vehicles in a land vehicle without crashing 5 Minutes No
No Crashes Challenge Drive the furthest distance in a land vehicle without crashing 5 Minutes No
Sniper Kills Challenge Achieve the highest number of sniper rifle kills on players 5 Minutes No
Vehicles Stolen Steal the most vehicles 5 Minutes No

VIP Challenges

Challenges that can only be accessed when the players are members of the same organization. Part of GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals Update.

Challenge Description Time Limit
Auto Buyout Steal and deliver the highest value of vehicles
Courier Service Find and deliver the highest amount of cash in the alloted time
Due Diligence Find and deliver the highest amount of packages marked with a flare
Market Manipulation Rob and collect the highest amount of cash from convenience stores.
Most Wanted Be the last player alive in a 5-Star Wanted Level 10 Minutes


Here is a range of useful tricks to increase the chance of winning each Challenge:

"Reverse the Longest Distance" Challenge
  • Instead of using a high end super car, the best choice is either a slow truck or hatchback, because the slow speed may cover less distance, but they will be easier to control.
  • Using the Voltic is also a good choice, as its reversing speed is almost the same as its forward top speed, albeit the driver is capable of controlling it at high speed.
  • Get ready on a long road, preferably an empty stretch of highway, or a long boulevard, with minimal corners or intersections.
"Vehicles Stolen" Challenge
  • Be ready and out of your vehicle the second before the Challenge starts; be ready on a busy street or intersection, and avoid highways in case of death. Using "Distract Cops", shoot at an intersection, blocking traffic, to make NPCs leave their cars, moments before the event, so the player has a higher chance of getting a good head start, avoiding having to wait for NPCs to be pulled out of vehicles, which can waste time.
"No Crashes" Challenge
  • Obviously, the best place to do this event is on the runways of LSIA, where there is absolutely no traffic. This way, players can also use fast cars and not have to worry about traffic getting in the way.
"Longest Stoppie" Challenge
  • Instead of using one of the supplied motorcycles which spawn around the map, use a modified motorcycle, preferably a sports bike, to compete in the event. Just like "No Crashes", the best place to start the event is on the runways of LSIA. Another great place is the LS Storm Drains.
"Low Flying" Challenge
  • Instead of using what normally would be expected - a fast jet - using a slow plane, such as a crop duster, and flying above highways or flat land such as the beach is better for the inexperienced pilots, though using a fast jet is a better choice for the experienced pilots, and increases the rate at which the distance is covered.
"Due Diligence" Challenge
  • Look out for trails of smoke to find the packages; if a package isn't found in a certain amount of time, a second Flare will be fired to light the way.
  • Using the 'Trackify' app will help to find each location, but remember that the app cannot detect elevated items.
  • If you’ve found a package but know you won’t get there first, don't waste time racing to collect it; instead, use the time to prepare for finding the next one that appears, before the competition.
"Auto Buyout" Challenge
  • Consider the area when stealing a vehicle; different areas across Los Santos and Blaine County will yield higher quality vehicles to steal. It’s worthwhile taking longer to search for higher value vehicles than simply loading up on lower value vehicles.
  • Don’t be afraid to switch vehicles when en route to a drop-off, when finding one with a higher value.
  • Other Player's personal vehicles can be dropped off.
  • Try not to damage the vehicles on the way to the drop-off, as this will lower their value.
  • Race against other members of your Organization to fill that last spot at a drop-off to delay their delivery.
"Courier Service" Challenge
  • Armor up to help avoid damage to at all costs, as each bullet wound will cause the player to bleed precious cash.
  • Even if you only make it back to the drop-off with $1, players can still beat the other competitors who don’t make it back in time.
  • Completing the delivery is the primary objective. Undelivered cash held at the end of the round will not count towards the score.
  • Be ready to move as soon as collecting the package; Cops are also eagerly watching.
  • It may be quicker to deliver in an air vehicle, but the player will gradually lose cash along the way.
"Most Wanted" Challenge
  • If finding yourself cornered, put up a valiant last stand and go out fighting. Other members of the Organization may be in a similar situation and unable to hold out for as long as you.
  • The Cops are relentless during this time and the player will not be able to lose them until the timer is up. Plan the movements carefully to survive and pick an ideal spot for evading them
  • Stay away from aircraft, interiors and the underground tunnels, as these will knock you out of the Challenge.
  • If there’s more than one player alive after 10 minutes, the reward will be split between those still standing.
  • Use any armored vehicles such as a Krurma, Rhino Tank, APC, etc.
"Market Manipulation" Challenge
  • After a Store is robbed, it will be unavailable for a time; observe other players and plan the route to avoid getting cut off.
  • Killing the shop attendants is a risky strategy; it offers a quicker, but smaller payout than holding up the Store, and leads to more heat from the Cops.
  • Be aware of the surroundings; it is easy to get ambushed by the cops when exiting a Store.
  • After dying, players will drop a percentage of the cash they have already collected. The more cash is held, the larger the amount dropped will be.
  • When passing by an opponent making a robbery, try blowing up any getaway vehicles they may have parked outside the Store to slow them down.
  • A fast, armored vehicle is indispensable for this mission; a good opportunity to try out one of the armored models of the Baller, Schafter and Cognoscenti, as well as the armored Kuruma and Insurgent Pick-Up.



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