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For a similar vehicle in Grand Theft Auto V, see Freight Train.

The Freight is a freight train featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Freight's locomotive (available only in a grey color) is based on an EMD SD40-2, while its flatbed cars are actually stripped down chassis or carbody of the locomotive; the flatbed cars have ample room to carry up to a full size car along with the player, making the train somewhat useful in travel. In addition to flatbed cars, game files reveal that a boxcar variant exists but remains unused in the game ; third party mods allow the player to pull these boxcars instead of the flatbeds.

The Freight itself is presumably loaded off the Freight Train Station in El Corona north of Unity Station, or at the Sobell Rail Yards. Like the Brown Streak, the Freight can be used to start delivery missions which are necessary to achieve 100% game completion.

The train has some realistic effects, particularly the ability to derail it at high speeds. The train begins to shake above 190 km/h, at which speed it will derail upon turning. Also, if the train is pulling more flatbeds, its acceleration will decrease due to the added weight. Trains are immune to all forms of damage, including weapon damage, fire and any physical obstruction, however derailment will render them useless. There are no 1st/3rd person views when driving or traveling in the train, and the cinematic view mode is the only view available. Some third party trainers can offer different viewpoints.

Appearances in missions

Although not making much appearance during the storyline, it has a prominent use in missions.

  • A Freight train appears in the opening cutscene, forcing Pulaski to wait for it to pass.
  • In the Ryder mission Catalyst, the player must steal weaponry from a Freight train. If the mission is failed before the train leaves, the weapons on the flatbed will disappear, though the Freight will remain locked.
  • In the Frank Tenpenny (C.R.A.S.H. mission) Snail Trail, Freights appear as dangerous obstacles heading towards the player as he is following a Brown Streak train to Los Santos. They must be avoided or the player will lose the train and fail the mission. 
  • In The Truth's mission Green Goo, the player is required to steal green goo from an Army Freight train. The train itself is much larger than normal trains, and carry large amounts of weapons crates, along with a Rhino. It cannot be stolen as the doors are locked.


  • If the train's engine happens to end up in water, it will stay afloat indefinitely, with the sound of the engine audible above and below water. The player can climb atop the unsinkable engine as if it were a stationary platform, a testament to the train's indestructibility.
  • If the faster cars cheat is enabled, the Freight will appear more often.
  • If Freight missions are started and then canceled, the train will go into a 3rd person mode for a little bit, this also works with the Brown Streak.
  • It's possible for the player to climb onto the flatbed and ride the train that way. The game remains in standard view mode throughout the ride.
  • The Freight cannot be derailed while it is traveling through a covered and/or straight track, such as a tunnel. Because of this, it is not possible to derail the Freight in San Fierro.
  • While playing in multiplayer, a player can lock onto any of the train's cars and see that there is health for each car. The health of the cars can be drained to zero but there is no effect of this at all, compared to normal vehicles that explode when at zero health.
    • The cars can also be locked on with a Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher or a Hydra, but it will not affect the train either. When the health of a car is drained to zero after firing a certain number of rockets, it cannot be locked on anymore.
  • The way the player enters the locomotive is very unrealistic; on real EMD SD40-2 units, the doors located on the front and rear of the cab.
  • Although hard to notice, the number of railcars attached to the Freight does affect the acceleration and the length to entirely stop the train.
  • The Freight featured in Green Goo has five flatcars attached to it. This is one of the three times a five car Freight is seen, the others being the opening cut scene and during Snail Trail, though the five flatcars consist does not always appear during this mission. Then, it comes with only one flatcar during the mission Catalyst and Snail Trail too sometimes. All other times, it has the minimum of two and the maximum of four. Also, it comes with two locomotives in the front and the back each with three flatcars between them in the mission Snail Trail.
  • When in 2-player mode on a console, if both players are in the locomotive, they can both control it. This also applies to the Brown Streak.
  • Saving a derailed Freight in a garage will crash the game when the door is reopened.
  • The flatbeds on the Freight can be used, especially if you want to transport a specific vehicle to the TransFender at Cranberry Station. There are many places on the rails that are level with the Freight's flatcars. Just park the train near there, and drive the car onto the flatbeds. Keep in mind, you can use these areas to load a car onto other vehicles, like the DFT-30, a Beagle's wings, and, obviously, the Flatbed.
  • Considering that the "Go Loco" trains from GTA V share the same role and similar design as the Freight, it is presumed that they are redesigned from their original San Andreas counterparts (due to GTA V loosely being a remake of the original San Andreas game in the series).
  • The train's flatcars, unlike regular cars, are made up using the models of the locomotive itself, but without the cab and engine. This is most evident looking at the side of the train, as fuel tanks and ladders can be seen on the cars.


There is a glitch where the player can drive the Freight in 3rd person perspective, as they would a normal vehicle. This can be achieved by making the second player in a 2-player game hijack a Freight, then making player 1 jump on one of the flatcars, and then pressing the 'Select' button as player 2.


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