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Frickie's Yacht as seen in Sexy Time.

Frickie's Yacht is a large uncontrollable yacht featured solely in the Grand Theft Auto IV expansion pack, The Ballad of Gay Tony. It is owned by South-African criminal Frickie Van Hardenburg. It is only seen once in the single player campaign, during the mission Sexy Time, where it is destroyed. It also appears intact in multiplayer. The boat makes a brief cameo as a prop in the movie Meltdown. It looks exactly the same as Frickie Van Hardenburg's, it is just identical.


The yacht is large, lavish and luxurious.

Yusuf Amir hires Luis Fernando Lopez to steal an attack helicopter called the Buzzard from the yacht. Luis infiltrates the yacht without being seen by security, he then steals the helicopter. Luis then proceeds to blow up the yacht using the stolen helicopter, killing Van Hardenburg in the process.


  • A light version of the song "St. Thomas" (featured on Jazz Nation Radio 108.5 in Grand Theft Auto IV) plays on the yacht. The same version of the track is heard during a segment on Integrity 2.0.
  • The yacht will spawn in multiplayer, still intact and available to explore. It is impossible to destroy it however.
  • The yacht is commonly modified into the game by users.

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