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Fufu is a stripper working at the Vanilla Unicorn in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


She has light blonde hair and a strong French accent. During the course of GTA V the player can get a dance from her but even if her like meter is filled she won't be available to be taken home. However, in GTA Online the player is able to get her phone number and invite her "back to their place."  

There is an unused, yet working phone number in the game's files that corresponds to her, suggesting that you were to be able to take her home during story mode. The same applies to the other girls who cannot normally be taken home. The number is fully functional but as no dialogue was recorded for the scenes they will be silent.


  • She is one of three strippers who can be taken home. But like Chastity the player is only able to do so in GTA Online.
  • In Story Mode she wears black two-piece lingerie while in GTA Online she wears identical lingerie to that worn by Chastity.
  • She is easily distinguished from the other strippers by her heavy French accent, her short platinum blonde hair and her black lingerie.
  • Her phone number is 346-555-0186.



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