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Fully Loaded is a VIP Work featured in Grand Theft Auto Online, added as part of the GTA Online: Import/Export.


The VIP Work of Fully Loaded starts off by spawning a Ruiner 2000 on random places based on the location of the CEO. Entering the vehicle will reveal all the turreted vehicles around the map. Whether it's based on the location of the CEO in Los Santos will spawn 10 Turreted Limos or Blaine County for 10 Technicals making it highly difficult to follow and destroy than Los Santos. Each vehicles contains 2 NPCs, one on foot and one on the turret.

All other players are notified right when an organization enters the Ruiner 2000 or wait 3 minutes to start the VIP Work. Players must defend the turreted vehicles for a payout within 20 minutes.


  • Stay in the Ruiner 2000 to keep the vehicles revealed on the radar. You can locate the vehicles by looking up to their player blips of a turreted vehicles if done in public sessions.
  • Have any other associates get in any aircraft such as a Buzzard Attack Chopper, Savage, and Hydra. This allows it to be very effective of destroying the turret vehicles though they must rely their distance between their vehicle and the opposing vehicles.
  • Another good vehicles for associates is to call in an APC, Oppressor, or a Weaponized Tampa.
  • Avoid getting shot with bullets by NPCs or players. Just duck in cover inside the Ruiner 2000 by holding X (PlayStation)/A (Xbox) and shoot and drive away with missiles.
  • For defenders, try to drive away from the Ruiner 2000. You can drive the vehicle in the tunnels or travel from furthest location where the Ruiner 2000 might not travel very far. Keep a lookout for aircrafts.
  • If a Ruiner 2000 comes after you (large blip of the Ruiner 2000), quickly take sharp turns in a protective space. Avoid going in open areas where the Ruiner 2000 will most likely to shoot you down.
  • Eject the NPC out of the turret, making it harder for them to lock on at the vehicle. The vehicle must be empty.
  • Have another friend be in the gunner position to shoot down aircrafts.
  • Other players can enter the Ruiner 2000. However, it can still reveal the vehicles to the organization. Avoid entering the Ruiner 2000 to keep the vehicles off the radar.


  • This is one of the VIP Work that can be done in solo.
  • The Ruiner 2000 makes it somewhat infamous of becoming almost indestructible to explosives as well as having infinite missiles. This maybe intended to be fully armored against damaging turrets and the number of vehicles where the vehicle spawns.
    • The Ruiner 2000 makes it capable of destroying players that are in aircrafts such as a Hydra or Buzzard.
    • Players should not attempt to destroy the Ruiner 2000 with explosives due to its armor state of the vehicle.
  • The health of a Technical is stronger like the Turreted Limo does. It requires 2 missiles to destroy the Technical. However, the vehicle's window is not bullet resistance and can only carry 3 people inside of the Technical.
    • Furthermore, the Turreted limos are immune to most gunfire, only shots to the gas tank or engine will damage it, turreted weapons, the Heavy Shotgun and Minigun are the only exceptions to this.
  • This is the only VIP work that does not fail if the SecuroServ vehicle is destroyed, as it will spawn a new one nearby, should the Ruiner 2000 be destroyed.