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#REDIRECT [[FunCola]]
[[File:Cartel_de_FunCola.jpg|thumb|Funcola sign in [[Shoreside Vale]].]]'''FunCola''' is a product featured in [[Grand Theft Auto III]]. Signs can be seen at the [[AMCo. Petroleum Company|AMCo.]] gas station in [[Harwood]], [[Portland Island]] and in [[Bedford Point]], [[Staunton Island]]. It is a parody of [[wp:Pepsi|Pepsi]]. FunCola has only been used in Grand Theft Auto III, it never appeared again in any other Grand Theft Auto game. From [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]] and later games on, FunCola is replaced by other products like [[eCola]] and [[Sprunk]].
== See also ==
* [[eCola]]
* [[Sprunk]]
* [[The Zaibatsu Corporation|Cocofizz]], a similar beverage advertised by the Zaibatsu Corporation in GTA 2.
* [ Funcola Website]
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