"Too bad you can't ride the Screamer, because what would be better than riding a 100 year old rollercoaster made of wood?"
GTA IV Manual Description

Funland is an amusement park in the HD Universe rendition of Liberty City located in Firefly Beach in the Firefly Projects, south Broker. It is based on Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York. Though Funland is not an interactive location, it can be visited in-game.


According to Michelle, the park is going to be rebuilt as a Las Venturas-style theme park, much like real life plans to renovate Coney Island.

During the last mission of The Ballad of Gay Tony, Luis Lopez kills Ray Bulgarin's entire private army here as well as destroys their heroin shipment they had stored.



  • During Departure Time, you can set off the large spinning ride by the second van, by setting off an explosion by it or shooting it, but not during normal gameplay.
  • During the same mission, if you do the same thing to the swinging ship, it will play its music for a few seconds. Some of the small games nearby will also make sounds when damaged.
  • In The Ballad of Gay Tony multiplayer, Funland is an available location for Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.
  • In the game manual of GTA IV, there's a section for the Screamer and it says, "Too bad you can't ride the Screamer because what would be better than riding a 100 year-old rollercoaster made out of wood?" clearly pointing out its degradation.
  • Although you technically cannot ride the Screamer, there are means of "riding" it with a car. The northern side of the coaster has a section that reaches the ground, and it has no railing, so the player can take a car and "ride" the Screamer.
  • The name "Screamer" refers to a person who makes a lot of noise during sex.
  • In one of the disused rides (see picture below), the background shows the Vinewood Sign (left), the Downtown Los Santos (centre), and a Shamal (right). This is very similar to some of the scenes in the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V.
  • When viewed from above, every hole in the miniature golf course resembles a penis.
  • The Funland has possibly been renovated in 2013, as one of Tavell Clinton's post in Lifeinvader reads that he is riding the Screamer.