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The GT-A1 is a vehicle in Grand Theft Auto 2.


The GT-A1 is a sports/racing car that will appear with a number on the roof. The car itslef shares some similarities with the Miara, although the GT-A1 is more sportier. It is loosely based on a Ford GT, given the "GT" nomenclature and the design similarities.


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The GT-A1 is one of the fastest cars in the game, surpassing the Meteor.

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The GT-A1 cannot be found at any of the districts of Anywhere City in a non-multiplayer game. It can be seen, since the Wang Cars are GT-A1s with numbers on the top, but cannot be driven (entering in one of them teleports you to the Wang Cars site).

It is possible to drive the GT-A1 with the debug keys cheat. To do this, find a GT-A1 and press 0 on the number pad repeatedly a moment before you enter the vehicle. If done correctly, you exit the vehicle after you enter it. Then you can reenter the vehicle and drive it.


The GT-A1 can be crushed when driven, giving you a Machine Gun in the Residential District.


  • The name "GT-A1" is a play on words, meaning GTA 1.
  • The marked paintjobs show a Moving Shadow logo.


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