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GTADS is short for Grand Theft Auto Dedicated Server. GTADS was originally written as a chat server/client structure to allow players of GTA1 to play each other without having to deal with the directplay ports over the internet. Right now GTADS plans to support a wide range of LAN based games such as GTA2, Twisted Metal 2, and Doom just to name a few. GTADS is java based a such can be run on a wide variety of operating systems and hardware, and keeps the possibilities of supporting non-Windows games open for the future.

The purpose of GTADS is to allow many things for gamers, first of all giving them a choice in how they want to play their games online. There is no tie ins with using GTADS, just a choice. Any user is free to host their own own unique server and players may connect to any GTADS server they would prefer. Secondly, it will give many LAN games a second life on the Internet as things like NAT firewalls and routers have become commonplace now making gameplay difficult and cumbersome for people.


  • Chatroom environment for players to talk and meet
  • FriendsLists for users to keep track of when their friends sign on/off
  • Instant Message support for sending private messages between users
  • Proxy that binds multiple game ports into 1 for simplistic gameplay
  • Consistent Join/Host interface for setting up multiplayer sessions
  • Server commands for the Admin to use from the client
  • Java based Server for running server on multiple OS/Platforms
  • Easy to use config file for changing server settings


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