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  • They should have it like vice city, as well as in the 80's, but you can buy clothes and everything is in excess like gold guns and customisable cars. Also you should be able to import drugs and take over buisnesses, but same graphics as gta 4 if not better. Also you should be able to have a tv where you can watch tv and cheesy 80's like programmes and news reports and a games system with platform games etc.
  • set gta 5 in empire bay and have vito from mafia2 as the main character
  • GTA 5 should be more like San Andreas was. It would be nice if the game wasn't Italian based or whatever. It should be hardcore gangster style like San Andreas. It should also be set in San Andreas only having the graphics of GTA IV. It would also be nice if all vehicles could be resprayed at the pay n' spray including bicycles. Also, I find myself accidently crashing into the water when im far away from the shore so mabey we could have like a "warp back to shore" for example if you were playing xbox it could say "Press Y to Warp back to shore." kinda like in Saints Row. And mabey not go so crazy with the cheats like on Sanandreas. As far as grooming goes, Have a large variety of clothes and hairstyles. Mabey have a even larger variety of hairstyles than Sanandreas did. Also, have a larger variety of tatoos than Sanandreas. Although, the most important thing is do like GTA IV and have it to where you dont have to eat to keep your strength up. This got agravating!
  • Redo Vice City like GTA III was redone as GTA IV. Vice City definitally had the best defined vibe and feeling of all the GTA games. Make the city larger, but not to the extent San Andreas was done, so getting around isn't frustrating. Add more airplanes and boats, along with more airports so you can actually use the airports to get around, much like in San Andreas. The new planes should be more realistic, and span a variety of aircraft types. Have well known models such as the famous DC-3, a bushplane or utility plane like the Twin Otter, commonly seen turboprops such as the ATR 72, smaller regional jets like the CRJs, and business jets like the G4. A large airliner would be pointless, as its difficult to really use for anything in the game. Include hangars to save planes. Make the large tug be actually able to move planes, and he small one actually able to move baggage carts and air stairs so you can actually get into the planes. Have a pilots license like in San Andreas so you can use the airport without getting wanted stars, but make the lessons to get the license available from the beginning of the game, seperate from the storyline. Have an abundance of helicopters like the other games, with plenty of helipads so the helicopters can be used to get around as well.
  • Have some of the helipads be able to save helicopters. Include a seaplane base (just like Miami's) and a small seaplane based airline, just like the real world Chalk's Ocean Airways, whose Grumman Mallard planes were often featured on Miami Vice.
  • Have large garages like the ones in Vice City where up to 8 cars could be stored, a few of these are much more useful than many smaller garages. It would be cool if at least some of the garages automatically fixed the cars like the ones in Vice City do.
  • Include mass transit, in Miami's case the MetroRail. This was already done in GTA IV as the elevated portion of the subway, so it could easily be done again, Vice City style. Have realistic looking transit buses, and bring back the bus stops and bus driver mini game from Vice City, have lots of bus stops and lots of buses driving around. Let the buses be resprayed at the Pay n' Spray.
  • Make the game be set later than the other Vice City games, possibly even present day. Include music relevant to Miami/Vice City, with Spanish radio stations, and a Hip Hop station that has lots of "Miami bass" music, not just a couple songs. Include Miami based rappers, like the New York based rappers in GTA IV. Bring back Maurice Chavez and Pressing Issues, which was for sure the funniest of all the GTA games' talk shows.
  • Instead of making "mainland" Vice City an island, have the west side of the city end with wetlands, and include airboats. It would function the same as making it an island, but the swampy terrain could only be traversed with airboats, however the airboats could also move over the open water east of the city.
  • Add a version of the Miami River to the game. It was the site of much smuggling and crime in real-world Miami, making it a perfect addition to the game. Some of the assets and safehouses could be put along the river. Include a dock or garage to save boats. The many drawbridges over the river in real life would make great stunt jumps while they are opening and closing in the game. Include the many smaller ships (maybe 70 ft. long at most) and small freight ports that actually use the real-life river in the game's river. These ships could be made driveable, not like the giant container ships that it wouldn't be practical to make drivable in the game.
  • Include a realistic port, much like the real Port of Miami. Have it on an island. Include a cruise ship port, seeing as Miami has the largest cruise ship port in the world.
  • Include a mail truck, like the LLV the post office uses. I always thought it was weird the game didn't have one.
  • Include assets in the game, like the ones in Vice City that are based on actual businesses (Kaufman Taxi, Print Works, etc.) Not like the generic gang based ones in Vice City Stories. Have much more of these assets than there was in Vice City, and make these assets a more integral part of the game. A cool asset could be a small airline operation (maybe seaplanes) for smuggling.
  • Make rough areas that are actually rough. Bohan was supposed to be a rough area but you never see or get into any fights without starting them yourself, and the police presence is exactly the same. If there is countryside (not saying there should or shouldn't be) there should be less police presence there too and less cars driving around. * Vehicles saved on a parking spot/in a garage shouldn't disappear if you leave them somewhere else, I never use saved vehicles because I know that if I wander too far from them when they aren't at the parking space they will just disappear. At least give it a temporary memory so that saved vehicles don't disappear unless you exit the gaming session without putting them back.
  • Make it so that if you do decide to stop at a red light other cars don't just drive around you. * Less clunky turns parts of gta 4 like had way to many turns or side streets that made driving annoying.
  • Multiple cities sorrunded by countryside with rivers, lakes, cabins quads and dirtbikes.
  • Airplanes skydiving sky surfing extreme! Snowboarding, snowmobiles.
  • New game engine all together less rain better lighing less ugly oarnge effect with wider streets and a new police detection system thant make sense.
  • Game should be set in Las santos,Las venturas,Small alpine type colorado city Utah type salt flats,the ,Hawaii, type locale with a pablo escobar cocaine theme,Prison scene in las santos all intergrated into one.
  • Travel system should be ordinate with planes realistic with altitude.Airports with real fees like 5,000 dollars for tickets and terminals including a crazy on flight mission with passengers!
  • Nude strippers, better draw distance,more realism with restaurants and bars,offices,casinos golf courses.
  • Finally the main equation is theme or plot line I assume the game is already in the works but i can still comment on this here I go: Game should be set in 3 possibilities 1960's,70's 2025 future theme or the present.I like the present 2012 more can be used in the radio stations and game it's basically easier to write and more fun for a rockstar game such as gta 5.
  • The implementaion of an Oblivion type rpg system could be enticing think about it chose you character type with maybe 5 pre set skills and chose from there im not talking character creation.Being able to improve you skill was one of the best parts of gta san andreas it should be used again. Money should have real value in the next game life should be a struggle because as with most games it starts out hard and get to easy later on with overpowing weapons this somehow need to be balanced out and still maintain the action!
  • Driving speed needs to be fixed big time! In gta 4 you burned out with the e-brake going what seemed like 5 mph.The AI- traffic needs to be improved you should move along in the inner city at a good 50 mph and generally so should the rest of the traffic most of the time the traffic hardly moved forcing you to always drive on the right side of the road just to miss cars eventually you got good at it yet this somehow feels less real.
  • It's hards to say this but gta 5 needs to have way more action! Yes in gta 4 you could do crazy shoot outs and kill mob bosses close up like faustin this was cool and for the most part so was the shooting but stuff darts and bowling were fun but pretty lame.Stuff like the comedy club was original and great it was very good. The next game needs crazy fun stuff like skateboarding,skydiving,riverrafting snomobiling c quads,dirt bikes mountain bikes and land speed races!= with rocket cars.The snowboarding could be endless fun along with flying planes in no way should going from location a to b be tedious in fact the next games should be just as action packed in shooting but have 80% less tedious traveling and more possibilities along the way or just fly and skydive home like in san andreas that was great.
  • I have to stronlgy disagree new york and it's surrounding areas has been done plus it's kinda ugly to much of a city.What would it be about in 2011. Make the game set in a place like Las Venturas or just bring back San Andreas all together.
  • the ability to get thrown hard enough from a vehicle that a whole on the wall will appear but if u go back there it will be fixed and also bring back the Bicycles and you can destroy it and replace the wheels with other wheels.
  • Honestly, who in their right minds is going to render three cities with 120 missions each, if sombody want's to set up a page, i'd glady enjoy watching people honestly trying to come up with 350 mission * when you side swipe or get T boned by a to a vehicle, the body bends, thus ruining the car, rockets split cars in half. and cars, when shot up enough, will start to fall apart from bullets ripping the car to pieces
  • A bit bigger of a map, like san andreas was enough,
  • more weapon varieties, just look up what cops inpound from crackdowns, the guns should be similar to what street gangs would use, also being able to custimize, under barrel launchers and the like
  • add weapons to viechles, instantlyy attracts cops
  • I like the custom weapons idea with silent mp5 ans assaintaion type weapons stun guns etc.
  • The game needs realism but an arcade feel could make it keep it's fun factor. * Better sound track custom mp3 playable music is great,but gta 4 had the best soundtrack because it acualy had songs and bands you have heard of instead of like vice city or gta 3 where they had bands and songs barely anybody heard of.
  • Be able to choose what colour you want your car to be at a Pay 'N' Spray to save having to spray it again and again until you get your desired colour, which is a serious waste of time. * Bring back the rpg elements such as haircuts and clothing stores, Bring back the Airplanes are at least give us more helicopters, Give the police More effective tatics such as roadbloacks and police spike strips, Bring back Passenger and Freight Trains, If game has subways let us able to DRIVE said subway trains when ever we want, Bring back the lowrider shops of GTA SA, Make the enviorment slightly or if more destructible (Building damage, Cracked and damaged roads ETC), Bring back in the army but at a higher level ( Maybe level 7 stars?), Possibly set the game in the 1960's maybe and Evolve the story line around the events in the era, Include more variations of vehicles (Like school buses or Motorhomes), Bring back the Trailers from GTA SA( Tankertrailer, The Hopper) and let us able to connect to them with Semi's, Make the transporter ramp longer for us to be able to ramp of them like in GTA SA, Make the game Enviorment GTA SA size again or bigger if possible for use of Airplanes won't seem stupid, Include a more varid system of weater (Blizzards, Tropical storms, Ice), Make the game envirment evolve if Weather is uprgaded, ( Roads become slippery when wet, Puddles form if it rains, Ice forms if it snows, Trees lose their leaves, ETC), Let their be more variation of traffic on the roads ( Such as Supercars or Buses if driving say a Taxi cab), Have more Sid-Missions (Mr.whoopy for example), Bring back the ability to buy houses and buisnsess (In GTA SA and VC for example), Maybe base the game on that of a woman and not a man this time, Make the vehicle Damage more realistic, Implement swimming into possible missions for say, Bring back a usuable and drivable traim system if Trains are not used again, Make vehicles behave realisticly ( Tanker triler catches and stays on fire or even explodes into pieces, Cement trucks able to lay down cement, Buses able to carry more than 4 people and able to fill all their seats up), Make all commercally driveable vehicles appear on the road (Unlike say the buses in GTA IV which only appear at the airport or parked in Star Junction), Bring back the Bicycles of GTA SA and maybe implement Skateboards.
  • I would like a creat your own charecter and where you can select a type a voice you want for the charaecter that you created. I would like it if you didn't have to die as easy or get arrested as easy that takes the fun out of the game but i do belive that there should still be cop's in the game just not as much. I would a biggier place like Grand Theft Auto San Andreas had with no glitches.
  • I want to be able to replay any mission.
  • I wish in GTA5 that you have 3 cities (LC,VC,SA) and you can buy plane or boat tickets and that safehouses have docks and helipads to save boats and helis.And I wish that you can go to dealerships and buy cars and edit them in car shops.Also,bring back assets,barber shops,clothes shops and the ability to get fat or strong with girlfriends. * I loved the tv you could watch in your apartments that need to be returned and let's be honest it's a gta game the hookers need to be white trash to classy and should be availaible though websites and on the street. .
  • If the next GTA is gonna be set in Vice City, they should put in homages and references to the Bad Boys film series * two of the best words ever.......Zombie. Mode. enough said.
  • first off make the area medium size i don't want it vc sa and lc combined becuase that will a) have long load times or b) multiple discs. I want some San Andreas elements like territory and jet packs. but also saints row elements garages which can have tons or cars in them. and mutiple weapons in tiers and dual wielding weapons. it would be great if each weapon had its own perks liek high rate of fire or high damage ,which reminds me attachments for guns like extanded magazines and noobtubes for assault rifles and silencers oh and scopes for assault rifles to make them more accurate. Also more activities. Gta 4 activities were stealing cars and delivering drugs oh and racing real fun yeah right. How about more activitiesliek gang wars and drug wars but with twists like jumping out of a plane( whihc i want back) with mr parachute(something else i want). In pay n' scpray we should be able to pick the colors we want our car. i don't mean paint cars unique colors when you didn't unlock. I mean if you unlock a unique car color by saving it in your garage ie orange lambo is saved yo ucan now paint lambos orange. keep the radio stations teh way they are now. a talkshow or two and radio stations of every genre. Also we shoudl be able to get police uniforms to be friends with the police and we should have ambulance, fire truck, police, taxi and more missions. don't forget stunt jumps and secret packages or something like them. Personally i want it to be chicago or russia. sorry about the wall of text but many of those would really be beneficial to the game since its easy for someone to steal your car if its in a yellow rectangle. * I think there should be a multiplayer gang system with the ability to make a emblem and stick it to any vehicle like a decal also when you spawn the vehicle should spawn at the nearest suitable location i.e a boat would spawn in a dock or water.
  • I think the next setting should be San Andreas.
  • In the beginning of the game, the other parts of the city are always locked. I find it really annoying because I want to familiarize my self to the environment. So the parts should be already unlocked.
  • The features should be like GTA: San Andreas, only better. Like buying a sports team, playing basketball with an opponent.
  • It is really annoying to have time-based missions,because there really is a lot of pressure in to you.
  • The next game should have 15 different locations, 5 states. It is really annoying that you only have one place to explore.
  • Make a midwest game spanning three states (each smaller than San Andreas). Each one could have a city separated by farmlands, plains, rivers, or hills and some small towns. One could be a rust belt state with a city on a great lake like detroit or cleveland that has hills around it and old mining towns. Another state could be like Illinois with the largest city, and flat farmland surrounding it. The last could be a combination of Missouri and kansas, with a St. Louis/Kansas city parody in front, a river boarder (mississippi r.) and vast open plains behind it. Throw in some tourist traps, a couple of religious jokes, and there you have it.
  • Okay, one thing - It should not have any past main characters return, nor should they have relatives of protagonists be the main character. #1 thing that MUST be fixed - the multiplayer system / interface. What needs to be done:
  • Instead of the stupid 'select multiplayer from phone' system, make the game start from a main menu, and have multiplayer mode as a main menu option. This would also solve the annoying problem of having to reload single player again everytime multiplayer crashes (which was often in GT4, so fix that too!) *In the game lobby, have a timed countdown to the start of the game rather than people having to check the box (with more than 50% checks needed) to start the game - because in GT4 it would often take foreeeever to start games because not enough people knew to check the boxes, or were deliberately holding up the game.
  • Allow players to join games already underway rather than forcing them to join new lobbies. This will solve the problem of games ending up with no players left as well as empty lobbies.
  • Allow more players to join party mode
  • Have an 'invite friends to game' option for ranked games as well as party games.
  • Have all transport which is in singleplayer in the multiplayer mode aswell (e.g. trains, cablecars, helicopter tours). Also when driving in the same car as friends, the radio should be on the same channel for everyone in that car and should be playing the same thing for everyone in the game. More character customisation (e.g. face regocnition & voice recognition with kinect, clothing colours, tattoos). There should be a wide range of clothing fashions and acessories for the player to choose from. Have vehichles which hold up to more than 4 players at a time in them. GTA 4 had coaches which could only fit 4 players in which is ridiculous. Also have it so everyone is seeing the same thing on their TV screen, GTA 4 I found I was seeing one thing while my friends were seeing another thing which was disappointing. Also have special game modes for online such as zombie invasion, other monsters invading the city to escape from. Could have a wider variety of weapons, some serious weapons such as the P90 and AK-47 and funny weapons such as dildo's and hockey sticks which bring another view to the game.
  • Coming from the console versions of the game (Xbox 360 and Ps3) Fix the lag and the hit detection issues. I swear to god I felt like I was shooting people with airsoft guns. 57 bullets from an M4 to the head hardly scratches you and I felt as though the only way to get a kill without dying too was to pop out from a wall for half a second, shoot twice in the head, and then go back behind the wall so they cant shoot me back, I really shouldn't have to do this.
  • Don't let the players set up the game. Lets be honest, do you really think the people who play Grand Theft Auto are kind and fair players? Hardly. the #1 most played game in Deathmatch is Happiness Island/Assault Rifles/Respawn Near. The only reason for this is so Rank 10 players trying to get to the top of the Deathmatch leaderboards can get easy spawn kills because they are invincible for 5 seconds. I shouldn't have to run from some A-hole just because the game let him be superman for a couple seconds. It is a very unfair, unbalanced and overal broken matchmaking system that needs repairing.
  • Make the Matchmaking system mimic Halo 3. 10 maps in the game total, 1 map is randomly selected and can be voted off by other players(but the next map cant be voted). (I don't know how many weapon sets there are going to be so no comment on that one) and make the respawn system match Halo as well seeing as that game pretty much has a perfect spawn system. And make Team deathmatch be 6 v 6, not 8 v 3 v 1 v 1 v 2 v 1 like it is now, Orange Team Versus Purple Team, and don't let the players pick which team there on. Also, get rid of the kicking system, it is very infuriating to have to sit in a lobby all by myself for 5 minutes waiting for it to fill up because the other players didn't like my settings. Why do I have to leave the game lobby anyway? Wouldn't it make more sense just to keep me in the game but select a new host to make the settings? The kicking system is plane retarded. I shouldn't pay $60 just to not be able to play it. Get rid of kicking, and make the game make the settings FOR the players just like call of duty and halo.
  • This is something that GTA IV was dying to have, PRIVATE RANKED Hangmans N.O.O.S.E./Bomb Da Base II/ and Deal Breaker. I have been kicked out of many lobbies before I even got past the loading screen... Why? Because the other players didn't want me playing with them. Make it so you can go; Cell Phone > Multiplayer > Private > Hangmans N.O.O.S.E. This way you don't have stupid teamkillers forced to play with you or be kicked out of lobbies. You can simply invite your friends or people who want to play the game right, or better yet, just make it so you can play it by yourself, that would really solve everything seeing as it is a huge inconvenience to be kicked out of a lobby for no real reason even though you want to play the game like everyone else.
  • A radio station that plays Drum & Bass, R&B (some of Mariah Carey's songs on that station), a Grime radio station, Old school Hip hop, Hip hop, Dance music, Dubstep, Motown, New Jack Swing, UK Garage (Mis-Teeq songs), Rave music, Funk music, Afro-Beat, Reggae, Dancehall, Electro.
  • An posh English person who walks around and says "Darling, Reigate is the only way not Essex." *A way to get stoned and you get drunk not like in GTA 4 but where you hold on the bottle and crash into things and say "was that always there? Stupid place to put it?" and you could write a text and e-mail yourself not like in GTA IV and you can order clothes, food, drugs, booze, music, guns, cars to your safehouse
  • Gta V should b set in San Andreas & have every protagonist in the past(except Vic Vance) in the game!
  • How about when you throw a molotov cocktail on a building, the whole building burns. Or, if you attack a person with a knife or any sharp object, the person gets sliced.
  • I want a garage for boats, helicopters, airplanes,.. and like GTA SA the ability to customize the character (tattoos, haircuts, muscle, fat,...). Also a great option would be that you can buy clotes like fireman, police, etc, and join the emergency groups, as a real profession. It would be fantastic if the buildings are more realistic (they get damaged by car crashes, molotovs,...) and more enterable. Also a garage to customize and paint your cars.
  • when you gte arressted you should be able to go to prision and break out like underground and go in the sewers
  • The player should be able to travel both to LC, VC and SA by plane and the cities should resemble to their real life counterparts (like the Liberty City in GTA IV closely resembles to New York City). There can be more than a map of course.
  • Bring back the planes like in GTA San Andreas.
  • Have Trains that you can drive and derail like in GTA San Andreas and you can customize the number of passenger cars, and the maximun passenger train cars are 20 and the minimum passenger train cars are 2, and there pulled by A30( ALP-46A In real life) or By EMD SD40-2 , and or by ALP-44,And,EMD SD40-2 and ,finally HHP-8 , The Passanger cars are usually Amfleet passenger cars or Acela Express cars and Viewliner Sleepers.Frieght Cars consist of 4 Flatbeds,3 coal cars,4 cars that store rocks,granite..
  • SEATBELTS!!!! I'M SICK OF FLYING THROUGH THE WINDSCREEN! game should be set in San Andreas. Bring back the multiplayer. Not online but like San Andreas. EVERYTHING should be like San Andreas. It was a perfect game. Maybe take on modern day role of Sweet or something? Bring back planes, parachute, JETPACK, awesome cheats, epic missions, side missions, assets, import/export, GSF. You should also be able to make more choices. Like when i saw my friend playing IV he got to decide whether to kill some guy or something. I don't really know though because i don't have it. Anyway.. we need cool weapons like minigun again and molotov cocktails. So in all. Rockstar, please do this or either make it set in Australia.
  • I think what the game needs is better character customization, choice of gender, apperence and such, the game is most likely to be set in Vice City but I think we need a different time peroid, personally I think it'd be much cooler if the game was set in London, England or San Francisco (San Fierro) during the 1960's. The weapons, much like previous games, there should be a wide selection, personally I prefer melee weapons and the more the better, such as car antennas, shovels, pitforks (with striking and stabbing funtcions). Many more safehouses, like in San Andreas, if you're a drug lord you're going to have several houses.
  • I think people have made stupid suggestions since this started, don't u think?If it was made based even on one only suggestion, the game would need ike 10 discs,i just can imagine the case right now
  • Luis, Johnny, Niko and their friends and Phil Bell go to france
  • the dude above, there should be more features like building climbing with special tools
  • Some real stuff. examples: real buildings, real tv shows, real resturants, real stores, real cities ect. and some face stuff. princess Robot bubblegum ect.
  • There's some really good suggestions in this article. I don't know how far down the line the production of GTA V is but there's a few suggestions from me. I think it should either be set in Vice City, or in the future, like a remake of GTA II. There's a lot that could be done in the 2nd case. Having special garages that let you save boats and planes seems like a good idea. Many side missions (pizza boy, trashmaster, courrier) would be a good idea. Having a lot of content unlockable by doing these side missions or finding connectables is a good idea but maybe a system for preventing those advantages from making the game too easy could be worked out (in GTA VC, once you find 60 hidden packages & get the minigun, everything get a lot simpler, too simple perhaps). Maybe there could get a system that makes the ammo you pick up next to the safe houses depend on the missions you've completed ? Or maybe have less weapons and more custom vehicles unlockable ? Also having an ownership system for cars could be useful, so you can actually drive around in a car you've tuned without fearing for it to disappear if you leave it behind. Having a lot of custom markers you can put on the map could be really useful to remember useful locations, like a weapon that spawns. It would be nice if the storyline referenced events and characters from the previous games, there's been so many out now, a game that references all previous games including the ones that came out for handheld consoles would be nice. Likewise, it would be really cool to see unique vehicles such as the Thunderhead, Dementia, Borgnine or Sabre Turbo, do a come back. Finally, it could be nice to have a female player for the first time or maybe at least give the player a choice between male and female (maybe have a place in-game where you can swap, i could work if the storyline was based around a group of people straight from the start). I'm really looking forward to GTA V, good luck Rockstar :-)
  • set in
  • More Easter Eggs and more cheats, and vehicles like the newsvan, or more aircraft, like the Shamal!

My Ideas (Kirk Jason Beltran)

  • Please do feature more bus units, at least 30-100 types. One thing that I do not like about the buses in GTA is that there are only one or two named bus and coach respectively, and please do feature garages that literally has a capacity of around 30-100 or more cars plus a motorpool or parking space that can save your cars for a long time until you drive or destroy it. Police Cars and Taxis should be Police Car versions of Civillian Cars, Then there should be at least 30 different kinds of tanks instead of only one, plus various SWAT Vans, at least Swat Versions of normal vans, Elf Trucks, Various kinds of fire trucks, FBI cars should be FBI versions of normal cars, then the character's attire and hairstyle should be costumizable like GTA SA.
  • Setting should be in the Philippines specifically fictional Cities based on real life Philippine Cities like its Capital Manila, or any other city plus a fictional province, a combination of at least 2 real life Philippine Provinces. Vehicles aside from my above suggestions may also include Filipino Jeepneys, Tricycles, and more
  • if a player acquires a mansion, there should be a parking lot that could save the parked vehicle permanently until the player destroys or drives that vehicle on its parking space
  • make it similar to the driver series wherein the game takes place simultaneouslyon all 3 settings(liberty city, san andreas and vice city)
  • Please also feature at least one or two abandoned carparks with at least 4 floors with each floor having a capacity of around 100 cars that the player can personally own
  • I want to dress my character like a gang member from the 1979 film the Warriors including its titular Gang
  • Abandoned Military Bases or Airports should become purchasable for the Player as his own Personal safehouse. Hangars can be converted into an indoor carpark
  • Suggested Protagonist. A caucassian version of Vic Vance (he is of course Bald) and an Afro-American Version of Jerry Martinez should be the antagonist. the protagonist works as the antagonist's employee until the antagonist planted an evidence against him and has him arrested until he decided to bust himsellf out of jail, or make it a GTA Version of the Hitman Series then the antagonist is African-American
  • you can run a gang of at least 60 people with the player as the 61st. with cheats, pedestrians, cops, rival and allied gangsters,soldiers ETC can become your personal army. you can issue commands to your gang members, then they should be able to drive cars specially if the player rides in a 2-4 seater car then the others can ride their own cars depending on their number then you can form your own personal convoy. if a gang war gets featured, members of those gangs that you recruited should never attack you like what ballas and vagos members do to you if you start a gang war with them in your gang
  • Cars should spawn without any outside influence, other than a set percentage that determines how often a car will spawn in a specific location. Therefore there wont be more only 5 cars that spawn wicked commonly certain amount of time (F.e. if you driving a oracle you will not see tonnes of oracles just because you are driving one), and instead every car in view could be a different car.
  • Gang customization: You can customize your gang by picking a name (out of a list), a gang symbol/ logo, customize what members can look like, choose your gang vehicles (you should have to buy them in some way to be able to use them). and if possible choose your location (out of a list of locations), ect.
  • Customize your character, so can customize their looks, and maybe even customize gender, but you would have to choose out of a list of names.
  • many korean gang and character

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