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Player in Falling glitch

The Falling Glitch, is a glitch in GTA IV. It is hard to get, but not impossible. The player must fall as accurate as possible at a certain height and then the player will go into somewhat of a position that's hard to describe. If on a high building when the glitch happens the player will keep falling in that position and when reaching the ground, no health will be lost except the falling in order to get the position. A way to find the height works at the Algonquin Safehouse (not Playboy X's Penthouse), if you go onto the path opposite the safehouse, a fence can be found on the right of the bridge. When the player jumps over the fence, this height is perfect for the position to happen. (Just try not to touch the trailer when jumping over the fence) Another way to do this glitch is to get to the balcony on the Zirconium Building and jump off the rail. You will hit the bird's head and stay in a "laying down" position until you hit the ground. Minimal health will be lost.