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GTA IV and Episodes Mission Connections

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GTA IV The Lost and Damned The Ballad of Gay Tony How They Are Related
Jason Michaels' Death Missions
No Love Lost It's War unrelated Mikhail Faustin sends Niko to kill his daughter's boyfriend, a member of The Lost Brotherhood. After doing so, Johnny is informed of his death by Billy Grey, and The Lost wage war on The Angels of Death.
Heroin Deal Missions
Blow Your Cover Buyer's Market unrelated Both Johnny and Niko attend a drug deal for Elizabeta Torres which turns out to be and LCPD sting.
Roman Bellic's Kidnap Missions
Hostile Negotiation Roman's Holiday unrelated Johnny and Malc kidnap Roman Bellic for Dimitri Rascalov. Niko subsequently has to save his cousin.
Bank Heist Missions
Three Leaf Clover unrelated I Luv L.C. Niko, along with Patrick and Derrick McReary and Michael Keane rob the Bank of Liberty. Luis is a customer of the bank at the time and is held hostage.
Diamond Theft Missions
Taking in the Trash Diamonds in the Rough Frosting on the Cake After stealing Diamonds from Ray Bulgarin, Luis and Gay Tony are ambushed by members of The Lost, including Johnny, who steal the diamonds for Ray Boccino. Johnny hides them in trash bags which Niko collects afterwards.
Diamond Deal Missions (The Trinity)
Museum Piece Collector's Item Not So Fast Ray Boccino sends Niko and Johnny to a diamond deal with members of the Jewish Mob. The deal is interrupted by Luis who attempts to, and apparently does, retrieve the diamonds back.
Jim Fitzgerald Death Missions
No Way on the Subway Was It Worth It? unrelated After losing millions with the loss of the diamonds, Ray Boccino kidnaps Jim Fitzgerald and attempts to kidnap Johnny. The two escape so Ray sends Niko to take out Jim and some goons after Johnny. Johnny is told by Ashley Butler of Jim's death at the end of his mission. He then cuts his ties with Ray.
Gracie Rescue Attempt
She's a Keeper unrelated Ladies' Night Gay Tony instructs Luis to track down Gracie on behalf of the Ancelottis by following Patrick McReary's car to Leftwood. With Gracie's location revealed, Don Ancelotti sends out a rescue team to take her back. Gerald is informed of this and subsequently instructs Niko to move her to Northwood, Algonquin, to avoid her rescue.
Gracie Exchange Missions
Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend unrelated Ladies Half Price To retrieve the diamonds, Niko and Packie attempt to trade Gracie Ancelotti with Luis and Tony. The deal goes sour with the arrival of Bulgarin and the diamonds are lost for good.

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