In the mission "555 We Tip", it is claimed by some that a player can obtain a bulletproof, fireproof, damage proof and explosion proof Merit. The method is described on the "special vehicles in gta sa" page, yet it is unclear on the "leave the car open to the garage (as the car is locked when you close it), make some fire, then enter the car while on fire to destroy it and to fail the mission" part.

Do anyone know about how? please clarify this :D

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First, once you put the car in the garage, run away, as to leave the door open. If Cj closes the car door, the car will be locked, and you can't get in. The garage won't unlock the door. Don't worry about the garage door closing. Make some fire means to blow up a vehicle or another action that will cause a flame to ingnite on the ground. Basically anything you can do to get Cj catch fire. Once Cj is on fire, enter the car. Wait until the car catches fire, and get out. Do not let the garage door close here. Stay in the corner of the garage and let the merit explode. If done correctly, the mission will fail for you destroying the car. Leave the garage and let the garage door close. Look at the garage while leaving as to ensure the car won't dissapear. Once the door closes, re enter the garage and the merit should be there. It is important that you follow every step exactly as above. If you screw up once, you probably would have to redo the mission to get the car. It took me eight times to get the car. Good Luck.

Specv534 22:50, November 26, 2011 (UTC)Specv534