Wikis such as Grand Theft Auto Wiki run by consensus.

What is consensus?

Consensus is defined in the dictionary as "general agreement or concord; harmony".

Here on GTA Wiki, consensus is the way editorial decisions are made. There is no single definition of what consensus means, but consensus generally offers the best method to ensure well written and useful content and an atmosphere conducive to good, peaceful editing.

Consensus building

One of, if not the, most efficient ways to determine consensus is through a vote.

Voting situations

Voting will usually take place in situations where the community must decide on something. This may be, but is not limited to, the addition of rights to a user, the addition, change or deletion of a policy, or the deletion of an article.


Any vote will have two subsections - one for the actual vote, one for discussion. Actual votes may only take the form of <color=green>yes/support</color> or <color=red>no/oppose</color>. Editors who are indifferent or undecided should simply decline to vote until they decide.

Most votes must succeed by over 60% to pass. Votes that could cause major changes to the wiki may be required to succeed by a higher percentage.

What voting is not

Voting is not a show of hands. Votes must be informed and policy based or they may be ignored.

Consensus can change

Just because it was agreed upon in the past, does not mean that it will always be agreed upon. Situations may change significantly after a policy is written, rendering it flawed or obsolete.

Exceptions to consensus

Certain rules, such as Copyright rules, supersede any rules Wikia may have. These rules cannot be appealed or brought to a vote.