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The Crew is the official GTA Wikia Crew for GTA V on the Rockstar Games Social Club. We are the main Crew on this Wiki. We are currently small on members so please join us in conquering the world of GTA V!

The crew is split into two divisions: The PS3 crew is run by Tony_1998 and the Xbox LIVE Division is run by LS11sVaultBoy. There will be separate dates on what division will play.

Rockstar Games Social Club

You must have a social club account to join


  1. There shall be no bullying, slandering, harrasment, or foul language when playing with your allies or against the other crews
  2. If you have been given more than three blocks, you will not be able to join the crew. If you have been given three or more blocks during your membership in the crew, you will be removed from the crew. No exceptions, non-negotiable.
  3.  We all play fair, with and against each other. Defy this rule and you are removed from the crew.

How to Join

To join, you must have acquired these criteria:

  • Have contributed a total of 200+ edits
  • Must be on good conduct with the users and its staff
  • Have no more than three blocks

When you have met these criteria, you may ask the division leaders to join.

When part the Crew...

When you have met the criteria above and have contacted the division's leaders, you will be asked to implement this template in your userbox:   

SawedOffShottyEmblem-GTO This user is a certified member of the GTA Wikia Crew.

This is to know other users and crew members that you are part of the GTAWC.


There are four main ranks: Muscle, Representative, Lieutenant, and Commissioner. As you join, your rank will be a Muscle. Promotions will be held after every multiplayer event, depending how well the game went. To get promoted, all you need to do is to prove your loyalty and assistance to your comrades and prove that you are a true battle-hardened soldier. Promotion of a member will be debated ONLY by the Commissioners and the division leader. 

Members (PlayStation Network Division)

User (Wikia Account) Social Club ID PSN ID Rank Special Tactic

Tony_1-9-9-8 (GTAWCLeader for the PlayStation Network Division)

Tony_4-2-1-9-9-8 Leader Response/Raider Assault

Ilan xd

Ilan_XD ilanronen Muscle

Jack of all trades

Bunnyjoke Bunnyjoke bunnyjoke Muscle N\A

Members (Xbox Live Division)

User (Wikia Account) Social Club ID XBL Gamertag Rank Special Tactic
LS11sVaultBoy ls11svaultboy (GTAWCLeader for the Xbox Live Division) NaS HUNT3R Leader Robbing yo ass.
Dodo8 8Dodo8 VisanDodo8 Muscle Air Superiority Leader
Thomas0802 Thomas0802 NameKarte199 Muscle Just making it happen!

Other Members

User (Wikia Account) Social Club ID Gamertag\ID Rank Special Tactic
AK-28 AK-28_Rhem kingRhem Muscle N\A
Mikey Klebbitz Mikeyk_1 N\A Muscle N\A
Cloudkit01 cloudkit101 N\A Muscle N\A

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