Featured Articles are articles that represent the best of what GTA Wiki can do. Some featured articles are shown in the box on the Main Page.

Featured Articles are always detailed, relevant and well-presented, with good use of images, structure and formatting. Some Featured Articles will make good use of tables, galleries and other advanced formatting features.

For an article to become Featured, it must be inspected and approved by an Administrator who will then create the extract and add the details to the below list. If you think an article should become a featured article or good article, please request the status on the GTA Wiki:Featured articles/Nominations.


  • Well Written - Any writing on the page must be written to a professional standard, with no grammatical or spelling mistakes, use of larger words, and good sentence structure.
  • Data - The article, if requires data, should contain a large amount of data, all data required.
  • Image - The article must contain at least 5 high-quality images.
  • Well-researched - A large amount of research has been put into the article, be it references, cites or Wikipedia links.
  • Stable - The article must not be in any kind of warzone-like state; articles which are locked due to edit warring cannot be classed as Featured Articles for at least 1 month.
  • Neutral - The article contains little to no opinion or speculation-based information.
  • Manual of Style - The article must follow the Manual of Style.
  • No Redlinks - The article must not contain redlinks. Simply removing the redlinks is not allowed, unless the links are invalid or not necessary.

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