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The Hall of Fame represents users who have played a significant part in the development of the GTA Wiki since its creation.

Flag of the United States McJeff
McJeff was one of the senior members of the GTA Wiki's staff. Granted Administration rights in 2011, he quickly became one of the wiki's most proficient users, and as such he became a Bureaucrat one month later, eventually handing over his staff position in 2015. He was known for his work within the administration, using his tools efficiently and maintaining requests across Request for Promotion and the Community Noticeboard. Part of his administration duties involved cleaning up sticky situations when vandalism took place - this meant determining the best course of action to resolve these matters, and doing so without causing fuss. As well as admin work, he commonly worked on cleaning up article pages across a variety of Grand Theft Auto games. To date, he was one of the longest-running users and staff members of the GTA Wiki, and his duties will forever be appreciated. As a result of his significance, he also appears first when typing the first letter of his username into the search bar.
Monkeypolice188 Staffimage2
Flag of the United Kingdom Monkeypolice188
Monk joined the Wiki in 2014 and since then has amassed over 30,000 edits. He had a rapid rise through the ranks, becoming a Patroller in March 2015, then an Administrator in November 2015 before finally being promoted to a Buereaucrat in March 2016, a position he has retained ever since. Monk's main role has been to test the speeds of vehicles in the game, but his interrogation of each game's files has uncovered much hitherto unknown information which has enhanced the depth of information on the Wiki. Monk remains an active user on both the Wiki and the chat, where he has also acts as Moderator. Monk's edits are primarily vehicle-based, but he has also spent time updating photographs of various locations throughout the games by replacing them with higher-quality images.
Flag of the United States Smashbro8
Smashbro8 first edited the GTA Wiki in 2010, using the wiki as a help center. 3 years after his first contribution, Smashbro8 entered full-time contribution upon the release of GTA V, helping to keep the wiki updated with new information. With a passion for cars, his edits were heavily focused around vehicles, particularly on their appearance in-game and references to their appearances and uses. As well as contributions to article pages, he was a very sociable user; often getting involved in the wiki's latest blogs and forums, helping out other users in need of game information that he himself was in need of 3 years earlier. Smashbro8 continued editing in a similar manner for 3 more years, clocking up almost 17,000 contributions, and going through the ranks until reaching Bureaucrat. He later resigned in June 2016.
Flag of the United States Leon Davis
Leon began editing the wiki in 2013, similar to Smashbro8, at the announcement of GTA V, helping maintain a manual of style for the wiki. He was best known for his firm hand against vandalism and was quick to revert it, or clean up factual mistakes, while also clarifying information using the talk pages, and getting involved with discussion on information. In just over one year, Leon took on the role of chat moderator, having commonly joined the chat, getting involved in the social and communal side of the wiki. At the beginning of the following year, he was promoted to Administrator, and in less than 3 months, to the senior level of administration, bureaucracy, given his common practice in reverting vandalism and helping clean up the wiki. Leon resigned 1 year later, before making a temporary return as Patroller, which came to an end in February 2017.