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This page details GTA Wiki's official policy on all things related to images.

Before uploading

Please review the Wiki FAIR USE policy. While GTA Wiki does not enforce it as strictly as Wikipedia does, we do fully acknowledge that the Grand Theft Auto series and everything associated with it are copyright to Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive.


Unless otherwise specified, all rights to all images reside with Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive.

Images that are not copyright Rockstar

Images such as fan artwork posted to DeviantArt may only be uploaded to Bully Wiki by the original artist.

Image attribution

If you upload an image that you found on the internet to GTA Wiki, you must indicate the website you obtained it from, and if possible the original location of the image.

If it is a screenshot you took yourself, say just that.

If it is fan artwork that you created yourself, again, say that.

Images uploaded without proper attribution should be deleted immediately by any administrator.

Image names

Images should be uploaded to names that describe their content.

Images that are uploaded with meaningless names, such as Image:Gallery345, should be deleted immediately.

Image size

General screenshots should be neither too small nor too big. Images that are too small fail to properly illustrate what they show. Large, high quality images are a stretch on fair use.

General images should be no larger than 800x600 pixels, broadly construed. For example, an image taken in 1600x900 (widescreen) format may be uploaded in 1280x600, but no larger.

Images should, in general, be no smaller than 400x400. There is no point in uploading thumbnail images to the wiki. Overly large or overly small images should be deleted.

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