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This page details GTA Wiki's policy on the use of multiple accounts.

With a few exceptions, operating multiple accounts is completely forbidden on GTA Wiki.


Main article: GTA Wiki:Sock puppetry

Sockpuppetry is defined as a user creating one or more accounts and operating them anonymously while pretending they are different people.

Logging out of your username and editing as your IP address in order to avoid detection is also considered a form of sockpuppetry.

Sockpuppetry is considered one of, if not the, worst offense one can commit on a wiki, and is punishable by instant banning of all accounts, current and future.


Main article: GTA Wiki:Meatpuppetry

Meatpuppetry is defined as using a second user to advance your side of a dispute. There can be a fine line between two or more users agreeing and meatpuppets, however, most would-be meatpuppetry turns out to be sockpuppetry after all.

Generally the meatpuppet poses as the main account's brother, cousin, real life (off-internet) friend, or some sort of other real life acquaintance, and in these cases meatpuppetry and sockpuppetry are functionally indistinguishable and can be treated the same.

Shared accounts

An account may not be shared between two or more people.

Legitimate use alternate account guidelines

If a user is to operate more than one account, the accounts must be openly and publicly disclosed on the user pages of both accounts. In many cases the accounts should share similar names.

The following types of alternate accounts may be considered legitimate.

  • Public use accounts - accounts designed to be used on public terminals so that the main account isn't at risk.
  • Doppelgangers - It is considered acceptable to register a second account with a name similar to your own, provided it isn't edited with.
  • Bots - see below section on bots.
  • It is also considered acceptable to edit from an IP in public, providing it is made clear which user is behind the IP.

Occasional mistakes, such as accidentally editing from an IP while unaware that one wasn't logged in, are generally not considered sockpuppetry.


Main article: GTA Wiki:Bots

Bots are programs designed to perform tasks that would be extremely tedious to do by hand. There is currently 1 bot active on GTA Wiki: MonkeyBot188 (operated by Monkeypolice188).

Bots should either be named based off their operator, or after the task they are performing (e.g. "NameBot" for a bot who's task was to automatically convert all name links to full links.

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