GTA Wiki is a public website, meaning that most of its information can be accessed by anybody. Certain information (such as a user's personal details) is not accessible by unauthorised users.

Your Articles

Anything you write on GTA Wiki is public, and can be read by anybody anywhere. This includes articles, user pages and talk pages.

If you are logged in, your articles and edits can be traced to your account, even if the articles are subsequently edited or deleted. If you are not logged in, your edits are assigned to your IP address, which can be traced to your ISP or company.

Except where otherwise specified, all text added to GTA Wiki is available for reuse under the terms of the GNU FDL (see copy).

Your Details

GTA Wiki will not sell or share private information (such as email addresses) with third parties, unless you agree to release this information or it is required by law or policy to release the information.

Users may choose to display personal details or personally identifiable information on their user page. This is entirely at the user's own disgression and risk. GTA Wiki accepts no responsibility for any misfortune that may come from the access of publically-posted information.

However, we do recommend that you keep personal information to a minimum. Displaying your name, age and location is good; website and email address is up to you; but telephone number and postal address is discouraged.


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